When President Trump takes credit and assigns blame

The following article by Calvin Woodward and Jim Drinkard of the Associated Press was posted on the Boston Globe website April 22, 2017:

Photo Credit: FlickR/Gage Skidmore

WASHINGTON — One of the most consistent features of President Trump’s public statements is his tendency to take credit and assign blame. It has consistently puts him at odds with historical facts, and has been on display as he approaches his 100th day in office on April 29.

Over the past week, the president claimed unprecedented achievement as he tried to shape perceptions of his 100-day legacy. He then played down that benchmark as time ran short for him to get big things done. (more…)

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15 Trumpists who did not survive the first 100 days

The following article by James Hohmann with Breanne Deppish was posted on the Washington Post website April 24, 2017:

THE BIG IDEA: In any normal administration, the failure of Andy Puzder to become secretary of labor would be a major data point in accounts of the president’s first 100 days.

Donald Trump meets with Andy Puzder at his golf club in New Jersey last November before naming him as secretary of labor. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

It would be difficult, for example, to tell the story of Barack Obama’s first 100 days without mentioning Tom Daschle. Or Bill Clinton’s without mentioning Zoe Baird. Or George H.W. Bush’s without mentioning John Tower.

But nothing about Donald Trump is normal, and the fast food CEO is already a forgotten footnote in the frenzied opening chapter of his administration.

— The first three tumultuous months of Trump’s term have seen a perhaps unprecedented number of personnel casualties. A big part of the problem is that his transition team did a lousy job of vetting. Red flags that might have been discovered by a simple Google search didn’t emerge in some cases until after nominees were named publicly. The president also gravitated toward billionaires as he stocked the government, and the richer someone is the more conflicts they are likely to have. Complying with the requirements of the Office of Government Ethics proved too onerous for some. The premium that this president places on loyalty over experience and qualifications cost others their postings. Backstabbing and palace intrigue – which created a brutal, joyless work environment in the West Wing – drove others away after only weeks in their dream jobs. (more…)

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The White House reveals what next week’s ‘big announcement’ on taxes will look like

Some of us remember the Reagan years and trickle down economics, which just doesn’t work. Steve Mnuchin has a perfectly Reaganesque quote in this article.  We’ve highlighted it for you. And, here’s a link to an article discussing Reagan economics.

The following article by Damian Paletta was posted on the Washington Post website April 21,2017:

AP/Evan Vucci
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin listens as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting on the federal budget on February 22, 2017, in the White House.

The White House will release on Wednesday the “broad principles and priorities” of their plans to overhaul federal taxes, a White House official said Friday night, downplaying expectations that the Trump administration would reveal key details underpinning the plan.

President Trump said earlier Friday that he would release new information about his plan to overhaul the tax code on Wednesday, a sign that he is trying to accelerate one of his most ambitious campaign promises even though key specifics remain undetermined. (more…)

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What Trump got wrong on Twitter this week (#8)

The following article by Michelle Ye Hee Lee was posted on the Washington Post website April 21, 2017:

It’s been more than a month since our last roundup of what the president got wrong on Twitter in a given week, an occasional Friday series at The Fact Checker. President Trump has been tweeting less frequently, and his tweets have become more ceremonial — simply sharing photos or videos of memorable events or commemorating a holiday.

But in the past week, Trump tweeted misleading or false claims about several issues that were worth delving into. Here’s a look at what Trump got wrong in 10 tweets since last Friday. (more…)

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Putin-linked think tank crafted plan to swing election for Trump: report

The following article by Nikita Vladimirov was posted on the Hill website April 19, 2017:

Putin-linked think tank crafted plan to swing election for Trump: report
© Getty Images
A Moscow-based think tank linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin created a plan to swing the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald TrumpReuters reported on Wednesday.

Three current and four former U.S. officials told Reuters that two confidential documents obtained from the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies justify the conclusion reached by the U.S. intelligence community about Russia’s interference in the U.S. election. (more…)

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Trump’s claim that ‘no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days’

The following article by Glenn Kessler was posted on the Washington Post website April 20, 2017:

President Trump falsely claimed that “no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days,” during a speech in Wisconsin on April 18. The Post’s Fact Checker found that other presidents, most notably Franklin D. Roosevelt, accomplished more than he has so far. (The Washington Post)

“No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days.”

— President Trump, remarks in Kenosha, Wis., April 18, 2017 (more…)

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How Trump Embodies The Right-Wing Media’s Caricature Of Obama: Lazy, Secretive, And Corrupt

The following article by Eric Boehlert was posted on the Media Matters website April 18, 2017:

During Barack Obama’s presidency, perhaps no conservative media outlet lamented as loudly about the frequency of the president’s golf games as Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller.

Year after year, a parade of Daily Caller staffers lined up to feed the phony outrage machine by detailing the supposedly mountainous taxpayer costs associated with the excursions. The headlines often stressed that Obama’s golf trips took place against the backdrop of grim news events, suggesting the president was pampered and out of touch: (more…)

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We just got a huge sign that the US intelligence community believes the Trump dossier is legitimate

The following article by Natasha Bertrand was posted on the Business Insider website April 19, 2017:

The FBI reportedly used the explosive, unverified dossier detailing President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia to bolster its case for a warrant that would allow it to surveil Carter Page, an early foreign-policy adviser to Trump’s campaign.

It’s a key signal that the FBI had enough confidence in the validity of the document to work to corroborate it and present it in court.

The FBI has been using the dossier as a “roadmap” for its investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election since last year, the BBC’s Paul Wood reported last month. The document itself was not central to the bureau’s argument before a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge that Page could have been acting as an agent of Russia, according to CNN. (more…)

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Aircraft Carrier Wasn’t Sailing to Deter North Korea, as U.S. Suggested

The following article by Mark Landler and Eric Schmitt was posted on the New York Times website April 18, 2017:

The Navy posted a photo of the U.S.S. Carl Vinson sailing Saturday in the Sunda Strait off the coast of Indonesia, thousands of miles southwest of the Korean Peninsula.

WASHINGTON — Just over a week ago, the White House declared that ordering an American aircraft carrier into the Sea of Japan would send a powerful deterrent signal to North Korea and give President Trump more options in responding to the North’s provocative behavior. “We’re sending an armada,” Mr. Trump said to Fox News last Tuesday afternoon.

The problem was that the carrier, the Carl Vinson, and the three other warships in its strike force were that very moment sailing in the opposite direction, to take part in joint exercises with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean, 3,500 miles southwest of the Korean Peninsula. (more…)

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A month after dismissing federal prosecutors, Justice Department does not have any U.S. attorneys in place

The following article by Sari Horwitz was posted on the Washington Post website April 18, 2017:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is making aggressive law enforcement a top priority, directing his federal prosecutors across the country to crack down on illegal immigrants and “use every tool” they have to go after violent criminals and drug traffickers.

But the attorney general does not have a single U.S. attorney in place to lead his tough-on-crime efforts across the country. Last month, Sessions abruptly told the dozens of remaining Obama administration U.S. attorneys to submit their resignations immediately — and none of them, or the 47 who had already left, have been replaced. (more…)

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