In the Know: May 22, 2017

2017 Legislative Session
Governor and lawmakers plan to work through Sunday night on budget, MPR
At Capitol, Legislative session counts down amid uncertainty, Star Tribune
Time running out in session, still no deal, MPR
Legislature chips away at budget but long list remains, Star Tribune
Days now short, Dayton, GOP leaders at Capitol unable to agree on spending, Star Tribune
Deadline nears with no agreement at Capitol, MPR
Halfway or no way? Budget talks stall over what it means to meet in the middle, MinnPost
With no deal in sight, legislative Republicans decide to move budget bills without Dayton’s sign off, MinnPost
State budget talks stalemated, GOP to pass bills they hope Gov. Dayton will sign, MNN
GOP moves forward on budget; “its on the knife’s edge”whether session has tidy end, Pioneer Press
Minnesota GOP plans to send new round of budget bills to governor, Morris Sun Times
Republicans move again to pass their own state budget, MPR
Forget the urban-rural divide. Some of the most contentious issues in Minnesota come down to local vs. legislators, MinnPost
Why this year’s version of the omnibus liquor bill is getting so much pushback at the Capitol, MinnPost
Slocum: Republicans the leading force behind nonsensical cuts, Sun Current
Transit workers, riders urge better bill, Workday Minnesota
Education in spotlight as session winds to a close, Workday Minnesota
Capitol player Golnick plots path to greater power for Minnesota Republicans, Star Tribune
MN House passes bipartisan agriculture bill, KSTP
GOP lawmakers object to ‘toolkit’ for transgender students, InForum

2018 Election Cycle
Hakes exploring run for 8th District Seat, Duluth News Tribune
Session Endgame Shows Importance of 2018, Star Tribune (more…)

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