2016 CD3 DFL Convention

June at the CapitolWere you elected to be a delegate to the CD3 DFL endorsing convention this year?

If so, here’s the details:


Where:  Park Center High School Auditorium, 7377 Noble Ave N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

When:  Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trainings (Open to All DFLers):

  • 8:30 am and 9:30 am — Proposed DFL Constitutional Changes to be Considered at the State Convention (Led by Mark Raabe and Kay Lewis)
  • 8:30 am and 9:30 am — Framing the Issues: Talking the Talk So People Understand the Issues (Led by George Greene and Peter Hill)

Convention gavels in at 10:30 am – Food and beverages will be available for purchase

  • We’ll be endorsing for the Congressional race, electing National Delegates and enjoying a wonderful day of DFL business

You Can Make a Bigger Difference in the DFL Party!  

We invite you to step up and screen to be a director for CD3 or apply for the treasurer’s position and be a part of the CD3 executive team.  

We will also be screening for State Party Standing Committees (Outreach & InclusionConstitution, Party Affairs & Coordinated Campaign and Platform) and the State Convention Committees (Credentials, Nominations and Rules)

We are scheduling screening interviews as early as the week of May 2, 2016, at a variety of locations (see the form for locations and dates). The interview time is approximately fifteen minutes. We will submit a list of candidate recommendations at the CD3 convention on Saturday, May 14, 2016.  

Share this with others and encourage them to screen.  We’re a friendly group!

What’s next?  Simply fill out the Nominations Application and email it to Kate Peer at katepeergo@gmail.com and she’ll schedule your appointment.

Welcome to CD3 DFL

cd3_smallWe’re the volunteer organization of the DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party) covering Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District. The map of the area is to the left. Our district covers:

Brooklyn Park
Coon Rapids
Eden Prairie
Long Lake
Maple Plain
Maple Grove
Medicine Lake
Minnetonka Beach
Spring Park
St. Bonifacius
Tonka Bay
Victoria, and

Rep. Erhardt Update: May 2, 2016

Dear Neighbors,

Last week, the House of Representatives passed three major finance bills.  Traditionally, an omnibus bill- a bill that is a compilation of prioritized ‘stand-alone’ bills heard in previous committee hearings, is dedicated to each finance subject category (ie: Education, Public Safety, Environment).  This year, the House Majority decided to condense all of these subject areas into three “super-sized” omnibus bills: 1. Agriculture, Environment and Jobs; 2. Public Safety, Health and Human Services, and State Government Finance; and 3. Higher Education and E-12 Education. Some felt this was an efficient and quick method to passing large bills, while others were disappointed that such differing subject areas and extensive content was rolled into three large bills.

The Transportation House and Senate Conference Committee met on Friday to do another overview of the differences within each body’s transportation bill.  With three weeks remaining in the session, compromise will be key to accomplish the goal of an equitable and long term transportation plan for Minnesota’s infrastructure.

Mail Attachment

Transportation Conference Committee hearing on April 29, 2016

It is an honor to represent you at the Capitol.


Ron Erhardt

State Representative

Statement from DFL Chairman on Senate DFL Caucus Bonding Bill

Ken Martin 2“Today the Senate DFL released their bonding bill. While Republicans claim to have Minnesota’s financial security as their top priority, it’s the DFL who are rising above political games and making fiscally responsible investments in our state.

“The bonding bills proposed by the Senate DFL Caucus and  Governor Dayton take advantage of stable and low interest rates and invest in Minnesota’s colleges and universities, transportation and water infrastructure, parks and public safety all while creating thousands of jobs. These investments are just a few of the projects that would extend the life cycle of our infrastructure, put Minnesotans back to work, and help build a better Minnesota for generations to come.

“Now it’s time for the Republicans to release their bonding bill. While GOP lawmakers keep using the bonding bill as a punchline, communities big and small throughout Minnesota are struggling and looking to their elected officials for relief.

“We’ve had enough of this gamesmanship.  It’s time for the GOP to stop toying with Minnesota’s future, and invest in communities, help build up our economy, and expand opportunity to all.”

May, 2016 Notice of Vacancies on State Boards, Councils and Committees


The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State today released the May 2016 notice of vacancies for various state boards, councils and committees that are accepting applications, due May 24, 2016. Minnesotans are encouraged to apply and serve in demonstration of public service. The full list of vacancies is listed below and online.

Additionally, Minnesotans will now be able to find information and updates on new vacancies on Secretary of State Steve Simon’s official Facebook and Twitter pages. You can find those here:



Application forms are available online and must be submitted by May 24, 2016, to be assured of full consideration by the appointing authority. Appointing authorities may choose to review applications received by the Secretary of State after May 24.

See HOW TO APPLY at the end of the message. (more…)

Senate DFL Update: May 2, 2016

Senate DFLMorning-Update-masthead-640x70


BONDING: Senate DFL releases bonding bill this morning, waits for House, Star Tribune

PAIDLEAVE: Time off for family popular, but can get lost in election coverage, MPR News

FORMATIVE: MN organization hopes to better understand effects of past trauma, MinnPost

BODYCAMS: Legislators attempt to regulate police cameras, MPR News

MICDROP: POTUS pulls few punches at comedic Correspondents’ Dinner, Star Tribune

SHHHHH: Train zone will make northern suburbs quieter, Pioneer Press

IRONIC: Federal whistleblower agency accused of retaliation, MinnPost

INVESTIGATION: Journalists dig into abuse claims at private MN juvenile center, MPR News

BITCOIN: Australian entrepreneur claims to have invented online currency, New York Times

SYRIA: Truce talks at risk as attacks continue in Aleppo, BBC News

VENEZUELA: Minimum wage raised as inflation continues, Al Jazeera

House Republicans’ inadequate equity proposal

Dayton-SmithGov. Dayton and Lt. Gov. Smith have proposed a $103 million plan that would begin to address Minnesota’s economic and racial disparities – helping build an economy that works for all Minnesotans, everywhere in Minnesota by expanding economic opportunity, making higher education more attainable, and improving housing security for thousands of Minnesotans of color across our state.

This comprehensive approach is a dramatic contrast to the inadequate $25 million proposal for economic and racial disparities that Speaker Daudt and House Republicans have proposed. This approach does little to close economic and racial disparities in Minnesota, while failing to build an economy that works for all Minnesotans.

A quick overview of where the equity proposals stand today:


Governor Dayton & Lt. Governor Smith

Majority Leader Bakk & Senate DFL

Speaker Daudt & House Republicans

Equity Target

$103 million

$114 million

$25 million

[SPREADSHEET]: You can see a full, line-by-line breakdown of equity proposals from the Governor, the House, and the Senate by clicking here. (more…)

House GOP’s ‘my way or the highway’ approach on transportation means no highways will be fixed in Minnesota


Last week, Gov. Dayton and Lt. Gov. Smith sent a letter to Speaker Daudt urging House Republicans to work toward consensus on a comprehensive transportation package that truly addresses Minnesota’s budget shortfalls for highways, roads, bridges, and transit.

House DFL Leader Paul Thissen released the following statement.

“Minnesotans are frustrated by the gridlock in St. Paul. They expect that their leaders will work together and compromise in order to do something we all recognize is necessary – fix our state’s deteriorating transportation system once and for all. 

“But the reality is Republicans have shown no real interest in passing a transportation bill this session. Speaker Daudt had admitted the goal of their transportation plan is starve the general fund, taking money away from our schools and hospitals without generating new revenue needed to fund our roads, bridges, and highways. And rather than work to find common ground, they have done nothing but point fingers at Democrats and cast blame. No wonder Minnesotans are frustrated. (more…)

Sen. Franzen Update: April 29, 2016



Another week has now passed for the legislature, and we are down to just over three weeks before we are to adjourn. We are staying quite busy during this time with much of our legislation now being considered and passed off of the floor, with several bills a day being voted on and passed. This includes our supplemental budget bill which we passed Thursday evening, our major bill that provides new funding for our priorities.

Our work will continue to increase however; my colleagues and I on the transportation conference committee will be meeting over the next few days to try and put together a comprehensive transportation bill that funds the long-term needs of our transportation network. This is a critical need for our state, and I hope we can find common ground on this important issue.

Early next week, the Senate will also be release a bonding bill, detailing the projects that we would like to make a strong public investment in. The robust investment from any bonding bill would create jobs now and help support crucial public works projects including water infrastructure, road and bridge projects, and our colleges and universities. (more…)