Welcome to CD3 DFL

cd3_smallWe’re the volunteer organization of the DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party) covering Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District. The map of the area is to the left. Our district covers:

Brooklyn Park
Coon Rapids
Eden Prairie
Long Lake
Maple Plain
Maple Grove
Medicine Lake
Minnetonka Beach
Spring Park
St. Bonifacius
Tonka Bay
Victoria, and

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For Erik Paulsen, Politics and Money Trump a Clean Environment

Paulsen voted to side with polluters while taking their campaign donations 

Erik PaulsenCongressman Erik Paulsen works very hard trying to convince the people of Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District that he has a moderate and proactive stance on environmental issues and climate change.

However a quick review of the facts tells a different story.

Congressman Paulsen:


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Trump Ad Credits Tax Plan He Doesn’t Support

The following article by Benjy Sarlin was posted on the NBC News website August 29, 2016:

Donald Trump’s new $10 million TV ad cites two contradictory tax plans — one that Trump has explicitly ruled out and another that he has yet to endorse — raising more questions about what policies the GOP presidential nominee supports.

Trump’s new ad seems generic enough for a Republican politician. In it, he promises lower taxes, more jobs, and growth for small businesses.

Bradd Jaffy Tweet

But an examination of the fine print supporting the claims provides confusion, not clarity. (more…)

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Analysis: New Wisconsin Voter ID Rules Expose Law’s Real Aim

The following article by Zachary Roth appeared on the NBC News website August 29, 2016:

A federal appeals court on Friday offered what some described as a compromise over Wisconsin’s strict voter ID law. But a closer look suggests the new rules will still keep eligible voters from the polls, maintaining a barrier to voting in a crucial presidential swing state this fall. To voting rights advocates, the arrangement underscores more starkly than ever how voter ID laws are designed not to ensure the integrity of the election, as their backers claim, but to make voting harder for certain groups.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit last week overturned a lower court’s ruling that had required Wisconsin to let people without acceptable ID cast a ballot if they signed an affidavit attesting to their identity. The appeals court said the affidavit option wasn’t necessary, because Wisconsin recently promised to make it very easy to get an ID at the DMV. (more…)

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The Clinton Foundation: separating fact from fiction


On August 29, 2016, PolitiFact released the following on the Clinton Foundation from Angie Holan, the PolitiFact Editor:

The Clinton Foundation — a charity started by former President Bill Clinton — has dominated the 2016 political campaign as a source of controversy. Hillary Clinton agreed to disclose the foundation’s donors when she became secretary of state in 2009, and that has led to many questions of whether donors got influence in the State Department.

We looked in depth at a claim from a Clinton supporter (former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm) that Hillary Clinton “abided by the ethics agreement” between the Clinton Foundation and the Obama administration.

We found several violations of the agreement, and lines got blurred between official government business and Clinton’s personal connections. We rated the statement Mostly False.

Another Clinton supporter — former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe — said that the foundation did important humanitarian work combatting malaria and AIDS. Its work was so good that even Donald Trump contributed $100,000, Plouffe said.

We looked into whether Trump really gave that much, and found that Plouffe was largely correct. We rated his statement Mostly True.

We also looked at a claim from Republican chairman Reince Priebus, who argued that the foundation really didn’t do that much good. “The fact is,” Priebus said, the Clinton Foundation has “got about 80 percent in overhead and 20 percent of the money is actually getting into the places it should.”

That is a misreading of the foundation’s financial numbers, though. Much of their income does go to charitable work, so we rated Priebus’s statement False. (Be sure to click the links for more details on all of these fact-checks)

We’re working on more reports about the Clinton Foundation, so check back this week to see our latest work.

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2016 Special Session

Speaker Daudt and Republicans want to claim that the only issue unresolved in order to hold a special session was one transit project. That simply isn’t true. 

The failure of Republicans in the Minnesota legislature to pass a bonding and transportation bill is what led where today on the special session. 

When our negotiations ended, there were still no agreements on the earmarking of 21 transportation projects, the renovation of historic Fort Snelling, additional staff for the safe operation of the St. Peter treatment facilities, and others.

For three months, Senate DFL leaders and Governor Dayton offered different options to fund Metro Transit that involved no state monies. Speaker Daudt rejected them all. His intransigence is the principal reason there will be no special session.

Governor Dayton, Lt. Governor Smith, and Democrats in the Legislature have worked tirelessly to repair our aging infrastructure, fix our crumbling transportation systems, deliver tax cuts for 650,000 Minnesotans, and create jobs and economic growth.

Despite the Republicans’ refusal to compromise, Governor Dayton and Lt. Governor Smith will keep fighting for better roads, bridges and transit systems. And they will immediately propose a comprehensive bonding bill and tax cut bill at the beginning of the 2017 Legislative Session to complete the work Republicans refused to do this year.

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The truth about the Southwest Light Rail

SWLRT_300_400x400The South West Light Rail Transit (SWLRT) project has been subjected to willful disinformation by those who categorically oppose transit. The false arguments about the legislative process allow Republicans to obscure the truth and their shaky opposition. We need to secure a percentage of SWLRT funding to allow for a nearly $1 billion federal contribution, funding that has already been paid by Minnesotans in the form of federal taxes. The deadline to access that money is rapidly approaching and if our elected leaders delay we will miss the deadline, and the funds are sent to another project. 

The SWLRT project is too important for major business, numerous communities, and our growing economy to continue playing these tired political games. It’s about having a 21st century transportation system so we can keep growing the state’s economic engine. And that’s why business groups like the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce support it. For three months, Senate DFL leaders and Governor Dayton offered different options to fund Metro Transit that involved no state monies. Speaker Daudt and Senate Minority Leader Hann are standing in the way of progress for cynical political reasons—namely to distract from the fact that they have utterly failed to deliver on their promises to Minnesotans to fix our roads and bridges.  

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Minnesota Republican Party in Disarray

Keith_Downey,_March_2013The fact that the GOP couldn’t get their act together enough to even put their presidential nominee on the ballot in a timely manner is just the latest example of the disarray in their party. 

The Minnesota GOP is broke, they’re disorganized and they’re out of their depth. Meanwhile the DFLis unified, organized and has built strong campaigns across the state up and down the ballot. If we keep up the pressure we can retake the state house, win state senate seats and flip key congressional districts statewide.

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