2016 CD3 DFL Convention

June at the CapitolWere you elected to be a delegate to the CD3 DFL endorsing convention this year?

If so, here’s the details:


Where:  Park Center High School Auditorium, 7377 Noble Ave N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

When:  Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trainings (Open to All DFLers):

  • 8:30 am and 9:30 am — Proposed DFL Constitutional Changes to be Considered at the State Convention (Led by Mark Raabe and Kay Lewis)
  • 8:30 am and 9:30 am — Framing the Issues: Talking the Talk So People Understand the Issues (Led by George Greene and Peter Hill)

Convention gavels in at 10:30 am – Food and beverages will be available for purchase

  • We’ll be endorsing for the Congressional race, electing National Delegates and enjoying a wonderful day of DFL business

You Can Make a Bigger Difference in the DFL Party!  

We invite you to step up and screen to be a director for CD3 or apply for the treasurer’s position and be a part of the CD3 executive team.  

We will also be screening for the State Party Standing Commissions (Affirmative Action, Constitution and Platform) and the State Convention Committees (Credentials, Nominations and Rules)

We will submit a list of candidate recommendations at the CD3 convention on Saturday, May 14, 2016.  

We are scheduling screening interviews as early as the week of May 2, 2016, at a variety of locations (see the form for locations and dates). The interview time is approximately fifteen minutes. 

We’re a friendly group!  

What’s next?  Simply fill out the Nominations Application and email it to Kate Peer at katepeergo@gmail.com and she’ll schedule your appointment.

Welcome to CD3 DFL

cd3_smallWe’re the volunteer organization of the DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party) covering Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District. The map of the area is to the left. Our district covers:

Brooklyn Park
Coon Rapids
Eden Prairie
Long Lake
Maple Plain
Maple Grove
Medicine Lake
Minnetonka Beach
Spring Park
St. Bonifacius
Tonka Bay
Victoria, and

Senate DFL Update: April 28, 2016

Senate DFLMorning-Update-masthead-640x70


TASKFORCE: Dayton to gather experts on mental health reform, Star Tribune

SOTC: Duluth mayor gives optimistic address, MPR News

CONTRACT: Science Museum of Minnesota lands major NASA partnership, Pioneer Press

LACKING: MN House passes budget bill that falls short of Senate, Star Tribune

PARKS: Minneapolis parks may get big funding assist, MPR News

TOPTEN: Klobuchar and Franken rated highly for performance, Star Tribune

DISCRIMINATION: TSA officer allegedly told to target Somali travelers at MSP, MPR News

INVITED: POTUS accepts 8-year-old’s invite to Flint, MI, Star Tribune

REVERSAL: ND oil field strip club opts to become gay bar instead, Pioneer Press

PAYMENT: Volkswagon may need to sell assets to cover costs of lawsuit, Reuters

SYRIA: Air strike hits another Doctors Without Borders hospital, killing at least 17, BBC News

BALTIMORE: Police shoot, wound 13-year-old carrying replica handgun, Al Jazeera

Rep. Applebaum Update: April 27, 2016

Minnesota House Banner

44b_jon_applebaumDear Neighbors,

Just about one month remains in the 2016 legislative session, and this week we have been, and will be, taking up supplemental budget bills on the House floor. Recently, the GOP House majority unveiled its budget targets for these bills, and I find them underwhelming. While it’s not a “budget year” per se, a $900 million surplus provides an opportunity to improve Minnesotans’ lives, by, for instance, addressing our student loan debt crisis. 

Instead, the GOP House majority proposed $0 for investing in the omnibus prek-12 and higher education bill, which passed Monday night. In addition, the GOP House majority proposed $0 dedicated for health and human services, and seeks to cut funding for critical areas like public safety and agriculture. I believe that with our state economic growth slowing, it would be prudent to not only make modest investments in these areas, but to also finally pass a comprehensive transportation bill, a bonding bill and target tax relief for homeowners, renters, seniors, students, families and small business owners. Indeed, we should be able to accomplish all of these goals while shoring up our budget reserve to protect against a future potential economic downturn. (more…)

Senate DFL Update: April 27, 2016

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VOTING: MN Senate DFL renews aim to expand felon voting rights, MPR News

SPEECH: SCOTUS expands employee rights ahead of 2016 election, Star Tribune

GUNS: Bills to curb gun violence get late informational hearing in MN Senate, MPR News

DEMOGRAPHICS: GOP may be in trouble in the future unless it changes, MinnPost

SAFETY: Gov. Dayton appoints rail director amid concerns, Star Tribune

ICON: Split Rock Lighthouse receives $68,000 in federal money for preservation, Pioneer Press

WAGES: Governments may have a hard time enforcing living wage laws, Star Tribune

IPHONE: Apple profits dip for first time since 2003, Reuters

TURKEY: Prime Minister insists country’s constitution will remain secular-based, BBC News

RIOT: Fighting near Moria detention facility on Greek island, Al Jazeera

Senate DFL Update: April 26, 2016

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MNLEG: What’s expected at the MN legislature this week, MPR News

BONDING: Discussion over investment heats up in Minnesota, MinnPost

OPEN: Minnesota releases health care information to researchers, others, MPR News

HELP: St. Paul’s last American Legion looks for aid, Pioneer Press

1000s: Vikings Stadium to hire thousands of workers this week, MPR News

LAWBREAKING: Americans helping 8 million break law with bad law in DAPA, Reuters

AUSTRALIA: Controversial detention center declared unconstitutional, BBC News

BANGLADESH: Two leading LGBT activists hacked to death in Dhaka, Al Jazeera

In the Know: April 26, 2016

149 days until people can begin to vote by no excuse absentee ballot, Sept. 23

195 days until Election Day, Nov. 8

2016 election
Vice president
Why the 2016 veepstakes could be the most chaotic in decades, Washington Post
Cruz campaign vetting Carly for VP, The Weekly Standard
Cruz, Kasich weigh VP gamble, The Hill 

Why the Ted Cruz-John Kasich alliance seems destined to fail, Washington Post
Cruz-Kasich pact shows signs of strain, Politico 

Things that last longer than a united front on that Ted Cruz-John Kasich delegate deal: Certain unrefrigerated dairy products. The lifespan of the average fruit fly. A cake left out in the rain. Washington Post 

Billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer announced that his super PAC will spend $25 million this year to mobilize young voters in battleground states. The campaign represents a new focus for NextGen Climate Action, which hopes to use global warming as a galvanizing issue on college campuses. It could help Clinton activate college-aged Sanders supporters in a general. Washington Post (more…)

Rep. Youakim Update: April 25, 2016

Minnesota House Banner

46BHello Everyone,

Last week the Ways & Means Committee took up the individual omnibus bills and referred them to the General Register (debate on the House floor). The House will have a floor session every day this week to hear those omnibus bills. They have been combined into three bills that will be heard and then matched up with the Senate bills. Those bills are: Higher Education & K-12 (which we are hearing on the House floor as I write); Agriculture, Environment & Jobs (which will be heard on Wednesday); Health and Human Services, State Government Finance & Public Safety (which will most likely be heard Wednesday or Thursday).

In the past, when there has been a supplemental budget bill, the individual committee approaches have been rolled into one bill. What is different this year is that those bills also include policy. A legislator that may support an individual budget proposal may not support the policy that has been included, which makes a decision on how to vote more difficult. There are distinct differences between the House, Senate and Governor’s proposals to spend the $900 million budget surplus. Those differences will be worked out in conference committees in the coming weeks. There are only four more weeks left in the session to complete that work. (more…)

This week on the GOP campaign trail

It was another troubling week for Republicans. Exit polls from the New York primary found that seven in ten New York Democrats say they are energized by the primary process, while six in ten New York Republicans think the primary process has divided their party. These numbers just prove what Democrats already knew – Republicans are being torn apart by the divisive, hateful rhetoric their party has peddled for years. While Republicans are voting against the candidate they dislike the most, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have offered strong visions of leadership for our country.  

Donald Trump

Once again, we were reminded that Donald Trump has neither the experience, nor the judgment for the job he’s applying for. From irrational statements about our economy, to an ever-changing, out-of-touch position on a woman’s right to choose, Trump proved he is unfit to be our next commander in chief. Make no mistake, Donald Trump is only saying what has been on the minds of Republicans for years, especially when it comes to reproductive rights. But where does he draw the line? Coming from a candidate who once advocated for “some form of punishment” for women seeking abortion, we were not surprised when this week, he said that he would not include the “health of the mother” when it comes to exceptions for his promised prohibition on abortion. (more…)

House Republicans’ $3.3 billion bonding bill, most projects in their own districts

On Jan. 15, Gov. Dayton announced his 2016 Jobs Bill that would invest $1.4 billion in over 200 urgently needed infrastructure projects across Minnesota – projects that would create an estimated 39,000 jobs.

The Governor’s proposal would create jobs by building classrooms for our students, providing affordable housing for more Minnesotans, helping farmers expand and improve their operations, and building water treatment facilities – primarily in Greater Minnesota – that would ensure affordable and clean water.

Since then, Gov. Dayton and Lt. Gov. Smith have held more than 50 events throughout the state speaking directly to Minnesotans to build support for transportation, bonding, clean water, and early education. These events included 11 bonding events in nine communities from Red Wing to International Falls. Their Cabinet has built on this effort holding 19 additional events, highlighting proposed investments in 16 more cities – that’s 30 bonding events in 25 communities. The message from communities has been clear: we need these projects to thrive.  (more…)