Minnesota DFL - 3rd Congressional District

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Brian Barnes, CD3 US House
MN CD3 DFL Candidate for U.S. House

Brian Barnes, CD3 Candidate for the US House

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Barnes/Paulsen Debate
With KSTP's Tom Hauser as Moderator


Barnes/Paulsen Debate




Brian Barnes Press Conference on Erik Paulsen's Agenda Against Women


Erik Paulsen and close ally Todd Aiken of Missouri have put the spotlight on their shared agenda.  In this particular case, redefining and delegitimizing rape and incest by voting in support of House Resolution 3.  Using terms like forcible rape or legitimate rape revictimizes women and I think that's wrong.  I think of my wife Jennifer and our newborn baby girl that's just 3 1/2 weeks old.  As a husband, as a father, I am appalled, appalled at his votes against my wife, my daughter and against all women.  

The voters of this district deserve  the facts about the agenda of these extremists in Congress like Erik Paulsen, Michelle Bachmann, Todd Aiken, and Paul Ryan.  . .  Erik Paulsen masquerades as a moderate.  He talks like Jim Ramstad, but votes like Michelle Bachmann and Todd Aiken.  The fact is Erik Paulsen, Michelle Bachmann, Todd Aiken, and Paul Ryan all vote with each other over 90% of the time.  

Fact:  Erik Paulsen voted to defund planned parenthood.  So did Bachmann, Aiken, and Ryan.

Fact:  The Affordable Care Act will end the practice of charging women more for their heatlh care than men.  Erik Paulsen voted against that.  So did Bachmann, Aiken, and Ryan.

Fact:  Erik Paulsen voted against fair pay for women.  So did Bachmann, Aiken, and Ryan.

This district has a long proud tradition of electing moderates to Congress.  That ended in 2008 with the election of Erik Paulsen.  The voters of this district deserve a real moderate.  And what's more, they deserve a series of debates.


Brian Barnes, former Navy Reserve Officer, manages global sales and marketing for the marine division of a Fortune 200 manufacturing company.  He is running to represent Congressional District 3 in the U.S. Congress.  Barnes states that he learned the values of honesty, integrity and hard work from his parents, as an Eagle Scout, at the Merchant Marine Academy, and in the Navy Reserve.  His mother is a public school teacher and his father a technician.

Brian Barnes on Student Loans and Debt

brian barnes with campaigners
Brian Barnes stated that the almost trillion dollars owed in student loans, which exceeds credit card debt, is deplorable.  A hundred thousand dollar debt with high interest "is not a loan anymore.  You're talking about a life tax. . .   There is no realistic expectation for that individual to pay off their student loan debt before their own children are ready to go to college."  Barnes would lower interest rates for students. Listen to his discussion of the impact of high student debt on both the students and their parents.

Brian Barnes Explains the Harmful Effects
of Erik Paulsen's Support of the Paul Ryan Budget

Congressional candidate Brian Barnes talks about Rep. Erik Paulsen's support for the Paul Ryan Budget, and the cost of the Ryan Budget to Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District. Erik Paulsen voted to end Medicare for people currently 54 by turning it into a limited voucher system that will cost them at least an additional $6,000 per year. Erik Paulsen voted to cut $150 billion from our children's education and $100 billion out of science, technology, and medical research. Listen to Barnes' 3 minute video.


Brian Barnes Speaks at DFL Convention

brian barnes speech at convention“You and I believe in the common dream that everyone deserves a fair shake, that everyone should be treated equally under the law, and that anyone can make it if they try. We all need to play by the same rules… whether you are on Wall Street or on Main Street… no exceptions,” Brian Barnes.

Watch Brian Barnes speech at the State DFL Convention.


brian and jennifer barnes

Working for the Future of New Baby Girl

Watch the 4 minute video profile of Brian Barnes
, candidate for U.S. Congress in Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District, with his wife Jennifer.

A baby girl, Brinley Piper Barnes, joined Jennifer and Brian on July 28th.  She was born at 19.5 inches and 5 lbs. 14 oz.

brinley piper barnes

In regard to Brinley's future, Brian writes on his website:

"Jenn and I wonder what the future will hold for her. But for us, it is not enough to wonder and hope. I will not stand by while my congressman votes against women. I will not be silent while he votes to break the promises our country has made to our seniors. I will not simply wonder why he supports writing discrimination into our state’s constitution. And finally, I will not just hope that he puts Minnesotans interests before his own career in politics."

Find out more about Brian

Visit his Facebook page and his website.



Barnes Blasts Paulsen’s Failure on ‘Protect Medical Innovation Act’

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Brian Barnes, the DFL candidate in the 3rd Congressional District, released the following statement on Congressman Erik Paulsen’s failure to get the ‘Protect Medical Innovation Act of 2012’ signed into law:

“This was a common sense law that local businesses desperately needed. Congressman Paulsen spent two years authoring this bill, but the bill will not be signed into law because he insisted on putting his extreme right-wing ideology ahead of doing what’s right for Minnesotans.

“The bill could have been enacted. But the Congressman’s inability to work in the manner of his predecessor, Jim Ramstad, doomed it to failure.

“Instead of simply agreeing to make intelligent cuts in wasteful programs, Congressman Paulsen insisted on off-setting the deficit by raising the tax burden on middle-class families.

“The first bill I will author will be the repeal of the medical device tax; the difference is, I will get it signed into law because I will not let narrow interests stand in the way of my doing right by the people I am elected to serve.”


CD3 Convention Endorsement of Brian Barnes

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Brian Barnes' Endorsement as the Candidate for the U.S. House in CD3

Brian Barnes released the following statement after winning the DFL
endorsement on the first ballot at the party's convention held at Valley View Middle School.

"I am so humbled and honored by the outpouring of support for our campaign.

"What started as a small group of friends sitting in my living room last fall has truly grown into a movement that will help change the way things are done in Washington.

barnes campaigners at cd3 convention
"People are tired of business as usual. Of politicians stacking the deck in their favor. Of a political culture that rewards participants based on what they destroy, rather than improve or build up. Of sad, cynical and desperate ploys to divide Americans based on race, religion or sexual orientation.

"There's a lot for us to do, but I've never been more confident about our campaign, our party, or our country's future. United, there's nothing that can stop us. This is our time to lead. Let's seize it -- together."

Website: http://barnes.mn


Brian Barnes - DFL Endorsed Candidate for the U.S. House in CD3

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Brian Barnes Responds to Supreme Court's Decision on the Affordable Care Act

Tommy Johnson

From Team Barnes: "All kidding aside about Fox News jumping the gun on today's Supreme Court ruling, Brian had this to say. "This is good news for our country. Good news for the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, for families with young adult children that can stay on their parents insurance until they're 26, for seniors needing more affordable prescription drugs, and for our dedicated nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals. But with healthcare costs at 17% of our GDP, there is more work to be done. This isn't a political issue. It is a common-sense economic and quality of life issue. When I’m elected to Congress, you can count on me to continue to work to reduce costs and improve access to reliable health care in our country."

Brian Barnes - A Focus on Jobs and the 99%

brian barnes stump speechOn his website, Brian Barnes states that his number one focus will be creating jobs and putting Americans back to work.  "This requires making higher education more accessible, rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, supporting small businesses, protecting workers, investing in tomorrow’s technologies, and strengthening fair trade."  He emphasizes a fair tax code that requires millionaires to pay the same tax rate as the rest of Americans and individual rights.  He thinks a woman’s medical decisions should be between her and her doctor; and if two people love each other, they have a right to marry and have that marriage recognized by the state.

On the anniversary of FDR's "I welcome their hatred speech," Barnes stated that the monied interests have plotted and schemed.  They have groomed understudies like Erik Paulsen while attacking those who challenged them so they might control all levels of government.  

“Now we face a defining choice. We can accept as inevitable that government of, by and for the richest 1 percent is the sad, but natural, result in the long fight for equality and opportunity for all Americans.  Or we can say no more—that the Koch Brothers, the big banks and oil companies, and those who created the Orwellian Tea Party ‘movement’ … that they don’t own our government and that their time is over."



Videos and Stump Speeches for Sharon Sund and Brian Barnes

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sharon sund stump speechUncommitted won the Senate District Conventions (62 Uncommitted, 44 Sund, 36 Barnes).  Saturday the 14th will be the day delegates will make their choice on which of two candidates they will endorse at the CD3 Convention.  Which candidate has the best understanding of issues that are important to us:  health care, education, good paying jobs, energy, the environment, and the economy?  Which candidate is likely to commit the most time and energy to the campaign to unseat Erik Paulsen?  Which candidate connects best with the voters?  Spend a few hours to find out more about them.

There's quite a bit to help you.  Jeff Strate just sent out short Democratic Visions videos on Brian Barnes and Sharon Sund's Stump Speeches.

brian barnes stump speechBrian Barnes:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5lKozVwiZo

Sharon Sund:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw56524NC-0

While you're at YouTube, watch and listen to the other videos and audios related to the two candidates' campaigns.  If you don't see them, you can type their names in the search box to find them.  Note that there are other people named Brian Barnes with videos so you'll have to scroll down to look for the CD3 candidate.  

View the debate between Sharon Sund and Brian Barnes, read about their backgrounds, and link to their websites below.



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