4th Annual Humphrey-Mondale Dinner amazing success

06.12.15.GranholmMore than 1,500 DFLers gathered Saturday, June 6 at the Hilton Minneapolis for the 4th Annual Humphrey-Mondale Dinner to celebrate the DFL’s elected officials, candidates, donors, and everyday activists who fight on the front lines each day to build a better Minnesota.

“Whether you are from Greater Minnesota or the Metro, you are young or old,  you are straight or gay, or black, brown, yellow or white – our party, the party of Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale – believes strongly that a ‘rising tide should lift all boats not just a few,'” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “While the Republicans harken for a return to the past we yearn for the bright days of the future when all people in our community thrive, where no one is left behind and where love and compassion rule the day.”

Keynote speaker former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm had DFLers in stiches with her “Ode to Minnesota and Michigan.” You can read the poem here and watch her speech here.

Granholm also got the crowd fired up for the 2016 election. She spoke about how Democratic policies of investing in people and opportunities is not only morally right, but also make the economy better. Her analysis of job creation in the past 54 years shows that 32 million jobs were created under Republican presidents and 56 million jobs were created under Democratic presidents.

“In other words, Democrats produced 2.1 million jobs per year on average, and Republicans produced 1.1 million,” Granholm said. “I understand why Republicans want to claim this brand as job producers, but the facts do not support that claim.

“So Democrats, you know like your Governor, we have to be clear and strong. We have to be really unflinching about who we are.”

Photos from the event are available here.