Trump lawyer insists there is no obstruction investigation — but then hedges

The following article by John Wagner and Rosalind S. Helderman was posted on the Washington Post website June 18, 2017:

A member of President Trump’s legal team repeatedly insisted that Trump is not under investigation for obstruction of justice but acknowledged he could not know for certain during combative Sunday television interviews.

“Let me be very clear here, as it has been since the beginning, the president is not and has not been under investigation for obstruction,” lawyer Jay Sekulow said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” part of a blitz of bookings on the Sunday morning public affairs shows. (more…)

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Exposed: Tucker Carlson, His ‘Charity’ and the Trump Campaign Cash He Didn’t Tell Fox Viewers About

The following article by Clavin Sloan, Lisa Graves, David Armiak and Evan James with the Center for Media and Democracy was posted on the AlterNet website June 17, 2017:

Source: Wikipedia

Tucker Carlson, FOX News’ new primetime anchor, received a six-figure sum from the Donald Trump campaign for president through his Daily Caller operation–which rented out its email list to Trump–according to Center for Media and Democracy’s newest investigation. CMD estimates the amount to be $150K in cash from the campaign to Daily Caller, which paid Carlson an untold sum.

CMD’s investigation also uncovered troubling information about how Carlson’s non-profit charity, the Daily Caller News Foundation, benefits his private for-profit media site, The Daily Caller. The relationship between the two groups “raises significant questions about whether the (c)(3) is operating for private benefit instead of for a charitable or educational purpose consistent with its tax-exempt status,” according to Elizabeth Kingsley, a nonprofit tax expert at the D.C. law firm of Harmon, Curran, Spielberg + Eisenberg. (more…)

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Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones Interview

Didn’t have a chance to watch Megyn Kelly’s interview (many of us didn’t)? Much of what he state is hateful and obnoxious, but he has the ear of our current president and many of his supporters, so it’s important to understand this man and his relationship with these people.

The NBC News website has posted the entire interview by visiting this site:

We tried to embed this, but it wouldn’t show on our site.

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A Republican contractor’s database of nearly every voter was left exposed on the Internet for 12 days, researcher says

The following article by Brian Fung, Craig Timberg and Matea Gold was posted on the Washington Post website June 19, 2017:

Credit: imelenchon via

A Republican analytics firm’s database of nearly every registered American voter was left vulnerable to theft on a public server for 12 days this month, according to a cybersecurity researcher who found and downloaded the trove of data.

The lapse in security was striking for putting at risk the identities, voting histories and views of voters across the political spectrum, with data drawn from a wide range of sources including social media, public government records and proprietary polling by political groups. (more…)

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Big Pharma Swamp Alert: Joe Grogan

The following article was posted on the website June 17, 2017:

Despite Donald Trump campaigning vigorously for more reasonable drug prices for Americans throughout the campaign, the Big Pharma lobby has established itself as a force that Donald Trump is unable or unwilling to challenge. One of the most pointed examples of this is the appointment of Joe Grogan, a lobbyist for pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences for the past five years, to the Office of Management and Budget and the office of health programs.

According to Grogan’s LinkedIn page he worked at Gilead Sciences as “Head of Federal Affairs” for over five years until joining the OMB this March. While at Gilead, Grogan was involved in high profile lobbying – including Gilead’s controversial pricing of drugs developed to cure hepatitis C –  and otherwise worked to represent the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry. (more…)

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Conservatives need to cut the bullshit and stop exploiting a tragedy to blame the left

The following article by Cristina Lopez G. was posted on the Media Matters website June 15, 2017:

Right-wing media show no self-awareness of their role in influencing violent incidents

Credit: AP

James T. Hodgkinson, a man with a record of domestic violence, a legally purchased assault rifle, and a valid concealed carry permit, on June 14 opened fire on Republican congressmen and staffers practicing for the congressional baseball game.

The FBI is still investigating the incident, but one thing is already clear about this latest example of unhinged gun violence. The overwhelming evidence of conservative media’s influence on a significant number of deadly incidents makes their attempt to deflect attention from their role in creating a toxic political culture both cynical and exploitative. (more…)

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DFL Action Alert: Georgia and South Carolina Help Needed


Today, Georgia and South Carolina have a chance to send two new representatives to the U.S. House. These special elections are a chance to put more Democrats in office and send a signal that the American people will stand up to House Republicans’ policies.

So much rides on these elections. Georgia and South Carolina need our help. Polls have already opened, and will be open until 6:00pm CT tonight. Can you find time today to make a couple of calls to ensure folks in those states are getting out to vote?

Click here to urge voters to get to the polls for Jon Ossoff to represent Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

Click here to urge voters to get to the polls for Archie Parnell to represent South Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District.

Thank you for your help in electing Democrats across the country. Only together can we build lasting change.



Ken Martin, Chair 

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Trump retains assets worth at least $1.4 billion, new disclosure shows

The following article by Matea Gold, Drew Harwell and Rosalind S. Helderman was posted on the Washington Post website June 16, 2017:

President Trump reported on a new financial disclosure that his far-flung real estate and hotel assets are worth at least $1.4 billion, a stark illustration of the complex financial interests he has maintained in the White House.

The report, which the president voluntarily filed with the Office of Government Ethics, shows that he collected an influx of new revenue from recent foreign deals and a surge of business at his signature Mar-a-Lago property in Florida. (more…)

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