AM WARNING: Congressman Paulsen’s Recklessness Could Force U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade, Default Today

After weeks of Congressman Erik Paulsen’s reckless brinksmanship, the United States is hours away from being unable to pay our bills – with credit rating agency Fitch already placing the U.S. government’s sterling AAA rating on a negative rating watch.

Fitch’s warning – citing “political brinksmanship” – should be a wakeup call to Congressman Paulsen and House Republicans to stop holding the economy hostage with reckless Tea Party demands and spend today working across the aisle to reopen the government and pay our bills.

“This is it – today is the last opportunity for Congressman Paulsen to end the reckless antics and focus on responsible solutions or else he will have turned America into a deadbeat nation. As if it isn’t bad enough that Congressman Paulsen already irresponsibly shut down the government – now his antics are in danger of shutting down the economy and defaulting on our debts, devastating the middle class. Even credit rating agency Fitch is warning him and House Republicans that they must end their radical brinksmanship – today – to avert a financial crisis,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Paulsen and House Republicans have already done enough damage to our economy, and it’s time to end the ransom demands and work for commonsense solutions to pay our bills. Today, already.”