Thompson doubles down on Tea Party extremis

Announces ‘Team Extreme”

In announcing Sen. Michelle Benson (R-Ham Lake) as his running mate, Sen. Dave Thompson (R-Lakeville) has introduced “Team Extreme” in the race for Governor.

Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Chairman Ken Martin said neither Thompson nor Benson have any accomplishments between them during their time in the Senate. Rather than working to move Minnesota forward, they’ve been fierce critics of government rather than improving the lives of working Minnesotans.

“Not only were they both vocal supporters of the 2011 state government shutdown, Thompson bragged on the Senate floor in 2012, ‘For the record, nobody spends more time on this floor defending millionaires, billionaires and successful businessmen than I do,” Martin said. “And in a week where President Obama proudly said ‘no one who works a full time job should ever have to live in poverty,’ Thompson has been attributed as saying that no one is trying to raise a family on a minimum wage, and if they are, they have no business having a family.”

Not only are their words extreme, but so are their voting records. As Gov. Dayton and DFL leaders were working to strengthen the middle class, Thompson and Benson voted against making the state’s tax system fairer for the middle class, funding for free all-day kindergarten for all students and a two-year college tuition freeze at the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State College and University campuses.

“These shutdown senators have done nothing but shut out opportunities for middle class Minnesotans,” Martin said. “Thompson and Benson are perfect for each other, but wrong for Minnesota.”