Another week in review for the 2016 GOP field

Another week for the GOP potential presidential field, and another week of struggles. This week, all the 2016 GOPers skipped a second major Hispanic event, this one with the National Council of La Raza Annual Conference and perhaps unsurprisingly, people noticed. So much for trying to improve their Latino outreach.

Here’s a recap of the rest of the week:

Scott WalkerScott Walker: There’s no doubt about it: Scott Walker had the worst week of all the 2016 GOPers. After prematurely tweeting that he was running for president last week, he finally formally announced his run on Monday and he has already managed to alienate hardworking Americans, LGBT Americans, and women. Not to be forgotten, of course, is that Walker also made it around to some of the early states, where he was strongly criticized, and that he has been facing increasing scrutiny for how terribly he’s managed Wisconsin’s economy. Boy, oh boy, what a week for Walker.

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Washington Post: Gov. Scott Walker savages Wisconsin public education in new budget Bush: Jeb Bush had a pretty bad week of his own. He went to California to demonstrate his commitment to the sharing economy by “hailing” an Uber, and in an interesting turn of events, he conceded that the Affordable Care Act, which some Uber drivers utilize and which he wants to repeal, actually works. Glad he finally came to that conclusion. That being said, the Uber driver who picked him up put things back into perspective and told the world that he’s probably not voting for Jeb. While in Silicon Valley, audience members also wanted to know why he thinks net neutrality is “crazy,” and why he supports laws allowing businesses to refuse services to LGBT Americans based on their religious beliefs.

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220px-Chris_Christie_at_townhallChris Christie: Christie’s week didn’t go very well either. First and foremost, the news broke that his stagnant poll numbers might keep him out of the first televised GOP debate. But it doesn’t end there. Christie is going to have a hard time pitching the American people on his ability to create jobs when New Jersey lost 7,400 jobs in June. Not to mention no one is letting him off the hook for creating an environment in which political retribution is an accepted part of running the state, as was made clear by the Bridgegate scandal.  

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220px-Governor_John_KasichJohn Kasich: John Kasich will be declaring for president next week, and let’s just say things aren’t going exactly the way he planned. Ohio fell from 5th to 18th in education rankings, and yet for some reason, Kasich thought it’d be wise to cut education funding.

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