August 24, 2015 Rep. Selcer Legislative Update

Dear Neighbors,

I’m sure many of you are back-to-school shopping for supplies like calculators, notebooks, pencils and more. Those costs can add up quickly, but did you know that you can save those receipts and use them for tax breaks on your 2015 state income tax returns?

The state of Minnesota offers tax breaks for school-related expenses for Kindergarten through 12<th grade students attending public, private, and home schools.

Parents can choose one of two options: a refundable K-12 education credit or the K-12 education subtraction. Both programs reduce the tax parents pay and could provide a larger refund when filing a 2015 Minnesota Individual Income Tax Return.

The tax subtraction and credit cover expenses including paper, pens and notebooks, textbooks, computer hardware and software (up to $200 for the subtraction and an additional $200 for the credit), after-school tutoring and educational summer camps, and rental or purchases of educational equipment such as calculators and musical instruments.

For more information, you can call the Minnesota Department of Revenue at (651) 296-3781 or visit their website at

Young women entrepreneurs in Minnetonka raising money for the Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota
Young women entrepreneurs in Minnetonka raising money for the Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota

Here is a short list of education-related measures passed during the 2015 legislative session: 

General Education Formula: The state was able to meet school districts’ request for a 2% per pupil funding increase for the next two years. This is the amount of funding that schools requested to prevent teacher layoffs and increased class sizes.

Early Learning Scholarships: The state dedicated funds to increase the availability of early learning scholarships throughout our state, to ensure all kids have access to quality pre-K. Early learning has been proven to increase student success both in and out of the classroom.

Tyler Hill’s Sunshine Bill: I was proud to author and help to pass Tyler Hill’s Sunshine Bill, which will help to track safety incidents for our students studying abroad. This law is an important first step to ensuring we are sending our kids abroad to learn in safe environments.

College in the Schools: I was also proud to author legislation making it easier for students proficient in a world language take college in the schools, saving tuition costs in college.

If you have any questions about these measures, or other issues, please don’t hesitate contacting me. I appreciate hearing from you!

As always, thank you for the honor of being your voice at the Capitol.


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