Chair Ken Martin on Gov. Dayton’s Budget

The following statement from Ken Martin was released January 24, 2017:

“It’s been six years since Gov. Dayton promised to build a better Minnesota. Six years since our state faced a $6.2 billion deficit, owed school districts nearly $2 billion in unpaid debt, saw 202,000 Minnesotans out of work and 380,000 without access to health care. Thanks to Gov. Dayton’s leadership, fiscal responsibility, and dedication to Minnesota’s families, Minnesota is better off. But there’s still so much work to do.

“Right now, too many Minnesotans are waiting for relief from sky rocketing health insurance premiums, college students are struggling with massive amounts debt, many of our water resources are polluted, and our roads and bridges are in desperate need of improvements and expansions.

“Today, in his presentation of the budget, Governor Mark Dayton reaffirmed his commitment to Minnesota’s families and laid out the path forward for a better Minnesota. After six years of Gov. Dayton’s leadership, Minnesota has come a long way but if we work together over the next two years, we can make it great for each and every Minnesotan.”

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