Chair Martin on Jeb Bush’s Minneapolis Campaign Stop

Jeb Bush“Today, the ‘Jeb Can’t Fix It’ tour is in Minneapolis touting failed policies that won’t work for Minnesota’s families. Bush’s campaign is built on recycled family strategies that have failed this country over and over again. 

“You don’t have to look too far back in history to see how bad a Jeb Bush presidency would be for American families. Bush wants to cut taxes for the wealthy while cutting programs that support and lift up middle class families, he would continue the Bush trend of underfunding schools and perpetuating the income inequality gap across the country, and his health care plan would take us back to the days of skyrocketing costs, lower quality care, and would take health insurance away from families in need.

“Minnesota’s families deserve strong leaders, not more failed policies and recycled talking points from presidents who left us worse off.”