Congressman Paulsen Continues to Stonewall Immigration Reform

Today President Obama called on the House to act now to pass bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform, but Congressman Erik Paulsen and House Republicans continue to block the bipartisan, commonsense solution that would grow our economy.

It has been 120 days since the Senate passed a bipartisan, compromise bill that secures our borders, protects American workers, unites families, and provides immigrants an earned pathway to citizenship, yet Congressman Paulsen continues to stand with his Republican leadership in opposition to reasonable solutions.

“Our country cannot afford to kick the immigration can down the road any longer and the only remaining roadblocks to a commonsense, bipartisan fix are Congressman Paulsen and House Republicans,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Everyone from business to labor to faith leaders has affirmed that comprehensive immigration reform would grow our economy and fix our broken system, and yet Congressman Paulsen and House Republicans continue to stonewall a solution, choosing instead to force Americans to live with a failed immigration system. Just as they proved with their reckless government shutdown, Congressman Paulsen and House Republicans can’t cooperate to solve our problems on immigration – or any issues affecting people’s lives.”


House Republican That Participated in Immigration Reform Talks Said Immigration Reform was Dead Because of Republican Government Shutdown. “The bad blood between House Republicans and President Barack Obama has only worsened since the fight over funding the government and paying its debts, and Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho) said Wednesday that it had doomed any chances for immigration reform. After Labrador said during an event with conservative members that they could no longer trust the president on immigration, HuffPost asked him a simple question: Is it dead? ‘I think it is,’ he replied. ‘For us to go to a negotiation, to the negotiating table with President Obama after what he has done over the last two and a half weeks, I think would be probably a very big mistake.’” [Huffington Post, 10/16/13]