Congressman Paulsen Takes Thousands From House Leader Who Refuses to Allow a Vote on Comprehensive Immigration Reform this Year

According to news reports last week, Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy has declared that the House will not vote on comprehensive immigration reform this year, even though the Senate already passed a bipartisan bill and there are still weeks left in the legislative session. Sure enough, Congressman Erik Paulsen has welcomed thousands of campaign contributions from McCarthy, while McCarthy stands in the way of passing comprehensive immigration reform this year.

“Congressman Erik Paulsen is paying phony lip service to immigration reform, but Congressman Paulsen has no problem taking thousands of dollars from the very House Republican leaders who are denying a vote to fix our broken immigration system,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Paulsen’s campaign is financed by people like Republican Whip McCarthy, then it’s pretty clear he’s content letting McCarthy and House Republican leaders decide to block a vote on comprehensive immigration reform this year.”


Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy: House Will Not Vote on Immigration Reform This Year. “The third-ranking House Republican told immigration advocates that lawmakers won’t vote this year on the issue, confirming what many had long assumed […]Although House Republican leaders say they want to resolve the issue, which has become a political drag for the GOP, many rank-and-file House Republicans have shown little inclination to deal with immigration.” [Associated Press, 11/08/13]

Congressman Erik Paulsen Accepted $6,708 From Kevin McCarthy’s Majority Committee PAC. [CQMoneyLine, accessed 11/13/13]