Congressman Paulsen’s Agenda Just Rejected by Swing Voters

Yesterday, voters in the battleground state of Virginia rejected Congressman Erik Paulsen’s agenda – embodied by gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, who pushed the same wrong priorities as Congressman Paulsen and House Republicans. Whether it’s social issues, women’s rights, immigration reform or deeply flawed priorities on the budget, there’s little daylight between Congressman Paulsen and Ken Cuccinelli.

The results in Virginia’s off-year governor’s race often predict how swing voters will vote in the following year’s midterms, and this year voters sent a clear message that Congressman Paulsen should be worried, as a broad coalition of young people, women and people of color turned out to elect problem-solving Democrat Terry McAuliffe and reject the Cuccinelli-House Republican agenda.

“Congressman Paulsen probably lost a lot of sleep last night, after watching his House Republican-Cuccinelli agenda go down in flames in the Virginia governor’s race,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “From the budget to women’s rights to health care to immigration, Ken Cuccinelli followed Congressman Paulsen and House Republicans’ radical playbook, and swing voters in a battleground state rejected their flawed priorities yesterday. In one year the voters of Minnesota will have the chance to do the same, sending Congressman Paulsen packing and instead electing a problem-solving Democrat who will focus on job creation for the middle class, instead of partisan crusades.”