#CostsOfRepeal: Congressman Paulsen Would Take Away Coverage and Increase Costs

Congressman Erik Paulsen’s Republican health care repeal plan would pull the rug out from under too many Americans – including nearly 60 percent of people who don’t have insurance now but who will get it for $100 a month or less – thanks in part to the expansion of Medicaid. Paulsen would end another way the Affordable Care Act is lowering families’ costs.

Congressman Paulsen would go back to the day where these families rely on expensive emergency room care as their primary care – raising insurance costs for every American – by repealing Medicaid coverage to millions of families. Repealing the Medicaid expansion would cost state governments $10 billion over the next decade, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The expansion will reduce the number of uninsured in Minnesota by 42,000 – unless Congressman  Paulsen’s repeal plan goes into effect, ending those savings and forcing premiums higher for everyone

“Congressman Paulsen’s obsession with repealing health care reform would take away affordable coverage for 42,000 people in Minnesota – force other families to pick up the tab when these folks go back to the days of using the emergency room as their primary care doctor,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Paulsen wants to end the reforms that are bringing costs down for families all over the country and go back to the days where insurance companies could do whatever they wanted. Now almost 60 percent of uninsured Americans will get coverage for less than $100 a month, reducing the burden on emergency rooms, but Congressman Paulsen would end those savings, take away coverage, and allow insurance companies to hike rates, drive hardworking families into bankruptcy, and spend patients’ premiums on executive bonuses instead of care.”


HHS: 56 Percent of Uninsured Qualify for Health Insurance Costing $100 a Month or Less. “Under the Affordable Care Act, advanced premium tax credits will be available to help individuals and families afford insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, and states will be able to expand Medicaid eligibility for low-income adults […] Nationwide, 23.2 million or 56% of the 41.3 million eligible uninsured may qualify for Medicaid, CHIP, or tax credits to purchase coverage for $100 or less.” [HHS.gov, September 2013]

Kaiser Family Foundation: Medicaid Expansion will Save States $10 Billion.“Combining Medicaid costs with a conservative estimate of $18 billion in state and local non-Medicaid savings on uncompensated care, the Medicaid expansion would save states a total of $10 billion over 2013-2022, compared to the ACA without the expansion.” [ Kaiser Family Foundation, November 2012]