Democratic candidates for president show firm grasp on foreign policy challenges

Photo: Charlie Neibergall, AP
Photo: Charlie Neibergall, AP

In Saturday night’s debate, each of the Democratic presidential candidates showed that they have a firm grasp on the foreign policy challenges facing our nation, and that they respect voters enough to give serious and substantive answers on what it takes to tackle terrorism across the globe. We saw our candidates offer clear solutions to important issues that will lift up the middle class and continue the progress we’ve made to keep America moving forward. Our candidates weren’t afraid of tough questions from the moderators, and they have a clear vision for how to make college more affordable, raise the federal minimum wage, protect our seniors, and fix the broken immigration system.

 After watching the Republicans recycle failed, stale ideas at their debate on Tuesday night, the Democratic debate tonight was a breath of fresh air for Americans. The Democrats showed they are up to the task of building on the progress that President Obama has made for middle-class families. The American people can’t afford to go backwards, and tonight’s debate was a reminder we don’t have to—we can keep America moving forward.

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@NPRrelving: This is a policy wonk’s dream! #nprdebate

@lexi4prez: #DemDebate: Where you can politely discuss opposing views without having to scream over eachother.

@NHKathySullivan: Once again I’m struck how much more serious, substantive Democratic debates r than GOP. #demdebates

@chris_p_harris: Last 30 mins have been more substantive than all GOP debates combined #DemDebate

@desmoinesdem: Listening to all candidates talk about #criminaljusticereform makes me proud to be a Democrat. #DemDebate

@BenjySarlin: Democrats got tough questions with instant fact checks the whole evening, yet somehow resisted urge to deliver tirade against biased media

@donnabrazile: #Demdebate. The Dem candidates aren’t afraid of tough questions from the moderators, and have a clear vision for the future.

@Ppact: All the #DemDebate candidates stand with Planned Parenthood. They’re #InOurCorner on reproductive rights and health 

@mcgregormt: There are some differences in this #Demdebate but it’s all substance & it’s all policy solutions. It’s such a contrast w/ the GOP debates.