Democratic Whip Hoyer Update: February 17, 2017

Democrats Continue to Oppose GOP Actions that Make America Less Safe & Healthy


This week, I was deeply alarmed by actions taken by the White House that put the interests of Russia ahead of the interests of the United States. It is unacceptable that the Administration waited three weeks after learning Michael Flynn provided false information to the public and was a security risk to dismiss him – and only after it was public. There are a number of pressing questions regarding his resignation – including who knew about this and when and why he was allowed to continue to serve on the National Security Council – as well as why this Administration is so beholden to Russia. I continue to urge the establishment of an independent commission to investigate both the Trump campaign’s and his Administration’s ties to Russia.

In addition to an independent commission, I introduced legislation on Wednesday to ensure that Russia does not receive any sanctions relief until it earns it.  The bill would require Congressional approval before any sanctions against Russia are lifted, and is co-sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans. I urge the GOP leadership to bring it to the Floor for a vote.

I also continue to be concerned that House Republican leaders say that they are moving forward with efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Seven years and 65 symbolic votes to undermine this legislation later, Republicans still do not have a plan to replace the law. They are injecting uncertainty into the health insurance market, which alarms insurers and harms consumers, who will see increased costs and loss of coverage. With control of the White House and Congress, Republicans are fully responsible for what happens to our health care system.   

Sincerely yours,

Steny H. Hoyer