Democrats highlight damaging impact of Scott Walker’s policies on Wisconsin families on day of his presidential announcement

Walker Promise Fell ShortDemocratic National Committee (DNC) Vice-Chair R.T. Rybak, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning and Rep. Mandela Barnes held a press conference today in Pewaukee in advance Scott Walker’s presidential campaign kick-off.

The Democratic leaders highlighted Walker’s wrong priorities as Governor of Wisconsin, as well as Walker’s ethics problems, disastrous budgets, and his dismal economic record. Wisconsin’s economy lags both the nation and the Midwest. Walker’s priorities have adhered to his ideological views and pleasing special interests at the expense of middle class Americans.

“Scott Walker didn’t deliver on creating the 250,000 he promised and since he became Governor Wisconsin’s economy has lagged behind most other states,” said R.T. Rybak, vice-chair of the DNC. “Gov. Walker’s failed economic strategy in Wisconsin is in

stark contrast to the record next door in Minnesota where a Democratic Governor and legislature have helped create one of the best business climates in the country. Walker cut taxes on the wealthy, slashed basic services and the economy lagged while deficits ballooned. Minnesota asked more from the very wealthy to invest in schools and a balanced budget, and the economy soared.” 

“Scott Walker rushed to enact the most extreme legislative record of any governor in the U.S.,” said Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Martha Laning. “Scott Walker has tried to rip apart our higher education system. Scott Walker plans to sign a radical abortion measure into law. And Scott Walker has continued his complete disregard for Wisconsin’s workers, doing everything he can to make sure that the wealthiest stay on top and everyone else is left behind. We have had enough of his reign here in Wisconsin – but we can’t stand to think what he would do for the rest of the country.”

“I have first-hand experience of legislating with Scott Walker,” said Rep. Mandela Barnes. “And let me say that Scott Walker is not concerned with the wellbeing of Wisconsin’s families – he is only concerned with Scott Walker. If you value your paycheck, your weekend, your education system, your right to know, or your right to make your own health care decisions without politicians getting in the way, Scott Walker is not your candidate. Walker says he wants to bring Wisconsin to Washington, but the fact is that he has already brought the divisiveness of Washington to Wisconsin.” 

Walker’s Rhetoric vs. Reality

Walker rhetoric: “I’m for building a better economy where everyone can live their piece of the American Dream.  That’s pro-growth.”


Reality: Wisconsin is at the bottom in the Midwest for job growth.

Walker rhetoric: “As long as you don’t violate the health and safety of your neighbors…live your own life.”


Reality: Unless you’re a woman or an LGBT American…Walker opposes a women’s right to choose, without exception for rape, incest or the life of the mother – and opposes marriage for LGBT Americans.

Walker rhetoric: “Young or old – or somewhere in between – I will fight and win for you.”
Reality: Walker has gutted education, and would throw young people off of their parents’ health insurance. He supported a plan to voucherize Medicare and would repeal the Affordable Care Act which has saved seniors billions of dollars on prescriptions.