Democrats to kick off primary debates Tuesday

Ken_Martinby Ken Martin, Chairman, Minnesota DFL

Tuesday the five candidates vying to be the Democratic candidate for president will meet for their first debate. It’s a guarantee that when Lincoln Chafee, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, and Jim Webb take the stage in Las Vegas, Americans will see how the Democratic candidates will fight for families, not fight with each other.

In the first two debates between the candidates running for the Republican nomination, we’ve heard calls to return to the stale, failed policies of the past; divisive and hateful rhetoric matched only by outdated and out-of-touch policies that hurt workers, women, Latinos and African-Americans; and attacks on women’s health care, equal pay, climate change science, the LGBT community, marriage equality and voting rights.

In Nevada we’re going to see candidates who understand the challenges confronting the middle class and all hardworking Americans. We’re going to see substantive debate over how to create more jobs, solve pay disparities, ensure access to quality affordable health care, fix our nations’ broken immigration system, and keep America growing.

When it comes to the economy, our Democratic candidates have a lot to talk about. As the last Republican administration left office, the American economy was losing 750,000 jobs a month, and that was on top of countless homes foreclosed and too many families devastated. Under President Obama’s leadership, 13 million new jobs have been created. Since 2010 alone, there have been 67 consecutive months of private sector job growth, health insurance is within reach for millions who previously couldn’t afford it and expanded opportunities for every American.

It’s clear that America needs a Democratic president to continue the hard work that President Obama put in to bring our country back from the mess Republicans left behind. Be sure to tune into the Democratic primary debate Tuesday night to learn more about the Democratic candidates and their plans to grow the economy, continue access to quality healthcare, generate more clean energy, and strengthen our security, economy and entire nation with common sense immigration reform.