DFL Action Alert

Dear DFLer,

The time for action on a bonding bill is now.

The 2017 construction season has arrived and crucial projects that require state funds are on hold because the Republicans who control the Minnesota House of Representatives and Minnesota Senate have yet to release a bonding bill.

If a bonding bill is not approved this session, important projects across the state will cost taxpayers millions of dollars more because of increased interest rates. Even more alarming are the federal funds Republicans will forfeit millions more if projects are not approved. Three projects in jeopardy of losing federal funding include:

  • A $47 million federal match to clean up the St. Louis River.
  • A $25 million state allocation will leverage an $85 million grant for city water projects.
  • State funds of $6.6 million would leverage $39 million in Federal Aviation Administration funding to update the 60-year old runway at the Duluth International Airport. Currently, the runway is unable to handle the demands of commercial air travel and the 148th F-16 Fighter Wing based in Duluth.  

For a map of bonding bill projects proposed by Gov. Mark Dayton, click here. A full spreadsheet is available here.

Make your voice heard

Call you state legislators and tell them that projects to create jobs and opportunities for Minnesotans are ready to go. And Minnesota cannot afford to lose millions of dollars from the federal government. Ask them to please support a bonding bill because the time for action is now.

Find out who represents you and their contact information by clicking here


Ken Martin, Chair