DFL Chair on Health Insurance Premium Relief

The following statement was released by Ken Martin January 26, 2017:

“Today, we saw compromise prevail. After working with Gov. Dayton, the House and Senate passed a bipartisan solution to the current health insurance premium crisis. Although the bill is nowhere near perfect, this compromise helps Minnesotans now and keeps the door open for Minnesotans’ input on further health care reforms in the future.

“Minnesotans could have seen relief 3 months ago but Republicans in the legislature wanted to get something out of the deal for themselves. Instead of working to get more to help Minnesota’s families, they showed their true colors and prioritized big corporations and big profits.

“While I am pleased that our legislature was able to pass this relief that so many Minnesotans are counting on, I hope that for the rest of the legislative session, Republicans remember that Minnesotans are expecting their legislature to work for them, not against them.”

– See more at: https://www.dfl.org/blog/dfl-news/2017/01/statement-from-dfl-chairman-on-health-insurance-premium-relief/#sthash.sj8TuuDf.dpuf