DFL Chairman Ken Martin calls on GOP Chairman Keith Downey, House Speaker Kurt Daudt to break silence on Reps. Kelly and Mack

DFL Chairman Ken Martin is calling on Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey and Republican House Speaker Kurt Daudt to break their silence regarding accusations made against law enforcement officials by Reps. Tim Kelly and Tara Mack after receiving nuisance citations in Lebanon Hills Regional Park on Aug. 25. 

Both issued strongly-worded statements against the officer, calling his reports of their conduct “completely false” and “a lie” while threatening to file complaints against him. 

Since that time, both paid the fines associated with the citations and dropped their planned complaints – yet neither have apologized directly to the officer for what now appear to be false accusations against him.

“When situations like this arise, it is the role of elected party leaders to make it clear to the people of Minnesota that they do not condone this sort of behavior,” Martin said. “Yet three weeks after the incident between Kelly and Mack occurred, and despite very serious allegations having been made against a law enforcement official who was just doing his job, we have heard absolutely nothing from Downey or Daudt.

“I call on both of them to ask Kelly and Mack to apologize directly to the law enforcement officer whose reputation they’ve hurt through their accusations. For two sitting legislators in leadership roles in the Republican Party to have made these claims and then refuse to take responsibility for their actions is unacceptable. Total silence on behalf of Republican party leaders only makes it worse.”