DFL State Convention highlights progress, unity in building a Better Minnesota

The Minnesota DFL Party’s State Convention in Duluth was a celebration of the progress Gov. Mark Dayton and DFLers have made in Minnesota in the past two years.

“From an historic investment in education to tax fairness for the middle class to raising the wage for Minnesota’s lowest-paid workers, the progress DFLers made in the past two years fueled the energy and excitement felt in Duluth,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “Delegates left the State Convention united and ready to talk to voters about how DFL leaders are building a Better Minnesota.”

After a weekend of talking about DFL accomplishments to build a Better Minnesota, Tina Smith, the DFL endorsed candidate for Lieutenant Governor, summed up the 2014 election best when she said, “THIS is progress worth fighting for.” Those accomplishments include:

  • Added more than 133,000 jobs: Under Gov. Dayton’s leadership, Minnesota has fully recovered all jobs lost during the Great Recession. More people are working in Minnesota than any other time in history.
  • Provided income tax relief for 1 million Minnesotans.
  • Paid back the $2.8 billion Republicans borrowed from schools to “balance” the state budget.
  • First property tax decrease in 12 years: Thanks to action by Gov. Dayton and DFL leaders, statewide property taxes for homeowners are decreasing by $161 million or 4.9 percent.
  • Made all-day kindergarten a reality for every Minnesota child – saving families $2,500 each year.
  • In 2013 Gov. Dayton signed a bill that freezes undergraduate tuition at public MN colleges for two years. He also made the largest investment in direct financial aid for college students in 25 years which will help over 100,000 MN students afford the dream of higher education.
  • Raised the wage for Minnesota’s lowest-paid workers. More than 300,000 workers, and more than 130,000 of their children, will benefit from an increase to the minimum wage.
  • Made the tax system more fair by increasing income taxes on the top 2 percent of wage earners (those making an average of $617,000 a year).
  • Passed the Women’s Economic Security Act to level the playing field for women in the workforce.
  • After becoming the first state to vote down a discriminatory marriage-restriction amendment, Gov. Dayton and DFL leaders made marriage equality a reality for all Minnesotans.

As the campaign season kicks off, Martin said DFLers across the state will reach out to their friends and neighbors about the importance of the November election and reelecting DFL leaders.

“Turnout will be the key to our success this election,” Martin said. “When DFLers vote, DFLers win.”