DFL Weekly Action Alert

Dear DFLer, 

Republicans in the Minnesota House of Representatives and Minnesota Senate have introduced plans to fund safe roads and bridges by “redirecting” current spending. That will send Minnesota in the wrong direction.

Without raising the gas tax or finding other sources of long-term, stable funding, as proposed by Gov. Mark Dayton and DFL legislators, Republicans will be redirecting money from schools, seniors and other state programs aimed at creating opportunities for all.

Make your voice heard

Contact your Republican legislators and find out exactly what funding they will redirect to fix the state’s deteriorating roads and bridges. Education funding to prepare our kids for career and college? Nursing homes that care for our most vulnerable loved ones? Job creation programs that put Minnesotans to work?

Don’t settle for vague answers, Republicans introduced these plans. It is up to you to demand to know how they will be funded.

Share what you learn about how your Republican legislators will redirect funding to fix roads and bridges. Working together we can hold Republicans responsible for their plans to send Minnesota in the wrong direction.

To find your legislators and their contact information, click here

Thank you,