Dispatches from McFadden campaign’s political fantasy land

After fleeing from voter, McFadden’s camp claims campaign is about ‘ideas’

Less than a week after news broke that investment banker Mike McFadden ran away from a voter when asked a question, McFadden’s campaign is now claiming that his candidacy is about “ideas” — prompting Minnesotans to wonder what fantasy land Mike McFadden is living in.

McFadden’s spokesperson just told the National Journal, “Ideas are what’s gonna matter most in this race,” leaving Minnesotans puzzled as McFadden has been widely criticized for refusing to share any ideas whatsoever.

Here are the facts:

FACT #1: Mike McFadden has refused to attend four public debates. No one knows what was said at the “only debate” he’s attended because it was closed to the public and press with a members only entry fee of $3,000.

FACT #2: Mike McFadden literally bolted out of a room when asked by a voter about the Patriot Act. McFadden “put his head down” and “left the room without answering.” Minnesota Public Radio infamously deemed it the “Caucus Night Snub.”

LARRY BILLSON: He ducked, he literally put his head down and walked out of the room and said, ‘I got to go.’ [MPR transcript, 2/20/14]

FACT #3: Mike McFadden has refused multiple interviews with Minnesota reporters to talk about his “ideas.”

“Mike McFadden, didn’t respond to two telephone requests seeking comment…” [MPR, 9/10/13]

“McFadden Deputy Campaign Manager Tom Erickson didn’t return a voicemail and email seeking comment…” [City Pages, 1/30/2014]

“McFadden’s campaign didn’t make him available for an interview Wednesday.” [MPR, 2/5/14]

“I asked for an interview with McFadden three weeks ago. His press guy said it would have to wait until after the precinct caucuses. After the caucuses, I renewed the request, but the campaign now says he will not give me an interview…” [MinnPost, 2/12/14]

FACT #4: Top McFadden advisor and GOP heavyweight Vin Weber emphasized that the investment banker is solely focused on money and said that his “first priority” should be talking to wealthy Republican donors, not sharing his “ideas” with Minnesota voters.

“Weber doesn’t dispute, in fact he emphasized that, so far, McFadden’s impact on the race has been almost entirely about money. … But his first priority had to be convincing Republican donors and PACs…” [MinnPost, 2/12/14]

“If investment banker Mike McFadden actually has ideas about the issues Minnesotans care about, he’s going out of his way to not share them with people who aren’t political insiders or can’t write him a fat campaign check,” said Democratic-Farmer-Labor Chairman Ken Martin. “Between participating in just one debate that was closed to press and the public and literally fleeing from a voter who had the nerve to ask him a question, it’s clear Mike McFadden is hiding something from voters.”