DNC on 2016 GOP response to Rep. Scalise

On Bobby Jindal
“After defending the racist rants of Phil Robertson, it’s not really surprising that Governor Bobby Jindal is now defending Rep. Scalise’s decision to speak to a white supremacist group. Given this pattern of pandering to the worst elements of the Republican base, it makes you wonder what he meant when he said the GOP should stop being the “stupid party.” Not legitimizing racist speech seems like it ought to be a good first step.

On Rand Paul
“Rand Paul says the GOP should do more to reach out to communities of color, but when we learn that one of their party leaders spoke to a white supremacist group, what’s Paul’s response? No comment. This shouldn’t be that hard. But combine it with his opposition to restoring the Voting Rights Act, his defense of a staff member who labeled himself the ‘Southern Avenger’, and his questioning the Civil Rights Act, it’s even clearer that Paul’s credibility on outreach is about an inch deep.

On Jeb Bush
“When asked, Jeb Bush can’t seem to find the simple words to denounce speaking to a white supremacist group – in the year 2014, why is this difficult?

A Question for Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Mike Pence, John Kasich, Rick Perry, and Ben Carson
“Do you really think it’s appropriate to have Rep. Scalise remain a part of Republican leadership, or will you let your silence speak volumes?”