Erik Paulsen is the poster child for a failed Congress

The free press is the gatekeeper to our democracy, contrary to what the current rants emanating from D.C. would like you to believe. The beauty of City Pages is that you have the courage, confidence, and conscience to speak the truth of power and to challenge the status quo. Cory Zurowski’s excellent investigative journalism has made a public record of the reality of Erik Paulsen.

No other news organization has taken interest in this congressman who has been serving out-of-state moneyed, special interest groups and extreme ideologues, as opposed to his constituents. No other news organization has taken the time to thoroughly investigate Paulsen and present these truths. In fact, the Star Tribune continually endorses Paulsen to the detriment of my district, state and nation.

Gallup has been publishing a poll on approval of Congress since the late ’70s. For the last eight years, Congress has had an approval rating between 10-20 percent.

Paulsen is a poster child for our failed House of Representatives. In what line of work can you continually receive 15 percent approval and stay in business? Apparently, with the help of out-of-state PAC support and dark money, a cowardly lion can.

City Pages, thank you for this thorough expose on this failed congressman.

John Albers
CityPages, October 13, 2017