Extreme conservative Ortman would abolish the Department of Education

Minnesota U.S. Senate candidate follows in footsteps of Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann

Extreme conservative U.S. Senate candidate, State Sen. Julianne Ortman told Minnesotans at a local GOP meeting that she would abolish the U.S. Department of Education — proving days before the GOP State Convention just how out of touch she is with Minnesota values.

At a South Metro Tea Party meeting last week, Ortman was asked whether she would support legislation that would abolish the U.S. Department of Education and she said “yes.”

MODERATOR: Will you support and vote for legislation that will abolish the federal Department of Education?

ORTMAN: That is a goal of mine. I don’t support Common Core, and I don’t believe we need a Department of Education.

MODERATOR: That’s a yes?

ORTMAN: That’s a goal of mine, yes.

Watch Ortman’s extreme comments here.

Ortman’s radical plan to abolish the Department of Education would be a kick in the gut to working families. It would mean the elimination of Pell Grants, a program that helps low-income college students afford an education; Head Start, an early childhood education program for low-income children; and Title I, a program that helps school districts with high numbers of low-income students. It would also mean the elimination of the Federal Direct Loan and Federal Work-Study programs, which help students afford a higher education.

“State Sen. Julianne Ortman is wildly out of touch with Minnesota voters and this proves once again just how willing she is to put her extreme conservative values ahead of everything else,” said DFL Chair Ken Martin. “Ortman is no different than Michele Bachmann. Minnesotans don’t want a representative who is going to represent some extreme conservative agenda and not them.”