Fact checks say McFadden lies in first ad

Investment banker Mike McFadden’s trouble with the truth continues.

Two fact check organizations, PolitiFact and MPR’s PoliGraph, called McFadden out for lying to Minnesotans in his first TV ad.

PolitiFact: The Truth-O-Meter Says: FALSE: McFadden Says Al Franken “voted to exempt himself and Congress from enrolling in (the Affordable Care Act marketplaces).” 

MPR: PoliGraph: McFadden ad doesn’t tell whole story

Rarely does McFadden level with Minnesotans on the issues and, even more disturbing, when he does speak up it’s not the truth that’s coming from his mouth. He’s been caught distorting the facts on:

“Months ago, the Star Tribune asked McFadden campaign for any back up of its claim about Franken but it has offered no back up.”

“[McFadden] says that Sen. Al Franken opposes repealing the tax, but that is somewhere between an oversimplification and a falsehood, and closer to the latter.”

“That makes these claims misleading to the point of being false.”

“The five-second sound bite Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden is using to try tying Sen. Al Franken to the latest health-care reform rollout controversy is taken out of context.”

“Tea Party leaders again took aim at GOP Senate candidate Mike McFadden calling him a ‘phony’ and a ‘fraud’…”