GOP Racist Messaging

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.27.43 PM“Yesterday the Minnesota 7th Congressional District Republican Party posted the following statement on their Facebook page: “MN #‎DFL now propose a “special session” to deal with their self-created “#‎Negroproblem”.

 You don’t have to look far to find ignorant hate speech masquerading as acceptable party messaging.  However, this is not the first time the Minnesota Republican Party and their affiliates have posted racially insensitive material.

“The GOP is clearly out of touch on issues of race here in Minnesota and around the country.  Regrettably these comments have become commonplace in the Republican Party  and it should be no surprise that they are now an accepted and normal part of their conversation.

 While our community is still struggling with the death of a young man and trying to find answers for his family, the Republican Party of Minnesota decided to chime in with racist and bigoted comments. There is absolutely no place for this kind of ugly language in our state and we call on Chairman Downey to apologize to the people of Minnesota for the racist and bigoted comment from the Minnesota 7th Congressional District Republican Party.”