Gov. Dayton and Lt. Gov. Smith’s Petition Urging Support of Trans Students

From Gov. Dayton and Lt. Gov. Smith:

Every student deserves a supportive school environment safe from discrimination, bullying and harassment. But earlier this week, President Trump made our schools less safe for transgender students by revoking protections allowing them to use the bathrooms that match their gender identities.

Transgender students are some of our state’s most vulnerable children. Last year, the 2016 Minnesota Student Survey found that transgender high school students were three times as likely to try to hurt themselves – and more than half had intentionally harmed themselves in the last year.

Those numbers are staggering – and now, the Trump administration’s actions put these students at greater risk. That’s why we’re calling on Minnesota’s schools – and schools across the country – to make sure that transgender students are guaranteed the basic dignity of using the bathroom that matches their identity, without being demonized. Will you stand with us?

Click here to urge Minnesota schools and schools across the country to support transgender students!

We’re doing all we can to defend the rights and dignity of all of our students, including transgender students. Thank you for adding your voice.

Mark and Tina