Gov. Dayton asks Minnesota’s top business leaders to do more about racial disparities

10.09.15.DaytonOn the heels of a U.S. Census report that found that Black Minnesotans are losing even more economic ground to their white counterparts, and knowing there are disparities between minority and white populations in Minnesota in income, health and education, Gov. Mark Dayton called on the state’s top business leaders at the Minnesota Business Partnership’s annual meeting, Oct. 8, to do more.

Gov. Dayton said he faults himself for not starting an initiative earlier to diversity the state’s workforce, but he’s making it a top priority. He asked the business leaders to make it one of their top priorities as well.

“I ask you now to ask yourselves, What do we most need to continue that growth in the years ahead?” the Pioneer Press quotes Gov. Dayton as saying. “Do you need a couple hundred dollar tax cut more than a 4-year-old child needs a year of pre-kindergarten, more than you and your families need streets and highways to drive on or a safer state with less inequity and bias?”