Governor Dayton’s Decision to Raise Cabinet Salaries

What’s really going on with this situation? Here’s some background:

Early this year, using authority that lawmakers granted in 2013, Gov. Dayton approved salary increases for more than two-dozen top officials. Under an agreement reached in February, those salaries were temporarily rolled back to previous levels until July 1. Gov. Dayton used his authority last week to make those salaries permeant.

  • Agency head compensation rates have not been updated in 12 years.
  • The new salary levels were based on the recommendations of the bipartisan Compensation Council. The council was comprised of both public and private sector individuals as well as current and former legislators.
  • The Governor’s action makes progress towards agency heads becoming more comparable to private sector executive compensation and county government compensation so that the state can attract and retain the executive talent necessary to provide the level of services Minnesotans expect and deserve. 
  • The Governor made that decision in order to recruit and retain the best and brightest to service in state government, and to ensure these positions remain competitive with other public sector positions in local government and higher education.