House DFL unveils team of candidates, officially launches campaign to retain a ‘middle class majority’ the Minnesota House

Speaker Paul Thissen and Majority Leader Erin Murphy joined a group of House DFL representatives and candidates at a press conference June 2 to kick-off the campaign to retain and grow the House DFL majority in the November election. Both Thissen and Murphy said they are eager to take their story to Minnesotans about the productive 2013-14 legislative sessions, the progress Minnesota is making, and the work still left to be done to build on that progress.


“Minnesotans will have a clear choice in this election between a legislature that stood with working families to move our state forward – by balancing our budget responsibly in order to invest in education, jobs and tax relief – or a Republican legislature that will bring back Washington D.C.-style gridlock that places the interests of the wealthy few ahead of hardworking Minnesotans,” said Speaker Paul Thissen. “We can’t wait to take that story and that choice to Minnesota voters. We are confident that Minnesotans will want to see our state keep moving forward instead of returning to the gridlock of the past.”

In November of 2012, Minnesotans rejected that approach and elected DFL majorities in the House and the Senate. Working with Governor Dayton, this DFL-led legislature turned a Republican deficit into a DFL surplus, helped create more than 50,000 jobs, made historic investments in education – including free all-day kindergarten – and closed corporate tax loopholes for big corporations while lowering property taxes for middle-class families and seniors the first time in more than a decade.


House DFLers said that although much progress has been made that they will continue to tackle the big challenges that are facing Minnesota families in the future, including:

  • Preparing every child for success by the time they reach the first grade, with universal early childhood education.
  • Tackling the escalating debt that is pricing our kids out of a college education and out of future.
  • Continuing Minnesota’s nation-leading work to level the playing field for women and families in our economy by adopting earned sick leave and eliminating childcare waiting lists.
  • Making sure no corner of our state is left behind economically with additional new investments in broadband access and training for high-skilled workers.
  • Building a transportation system that meets the demands of the 21st century.