Marty Seifert picks Rep. Pam Myhra to help turn back the clock

GOP tandem wants to go backwards to slash and burn policies of the past

Today Marty Seifert announced Rep. Pam Myhra as his pick for lieutenant governor.

“Marty Seifert’s choice for lieutenant governor is an attempt to put a new face on the same irresponsible and shortsighted policies that led to $6 billion dollar budget deficits and borrowing from our schools,” said Democratic-Farmer-Labor Chairman Ken Martin. “It’s a throwback to the days when our kids and seniors bore the brunt of bad Pawlenty policy.

“Like Seifert, she is against increasing the minimum wage, against a bonding bill that would create thousands of good paying jobs and against the investments needed to give every Minnesota kid the education to succeed.”

The Myhra Record:

  • Against increasing the minimum wage [HF 92]
  • Against a robust bonding bill [HF 1752]
  • Against all day kindergarten for every Minnesota family and early learning scholarships so all kids start school ready to learn. [HF 630]
  • Against a tuition freeze for Minnesota college students [SF 1236]
  • Against increased funding for nursing homes [HF 1233]