McFadden to skip unprecedented 5th debate, voters’ uncertainty mounts

Once again, the GOP Senate field will answer questions while McFadden ducks the issues

Another debate, another empty podium Minnesota voters expected Mike McFadden to fill. The investment banker’s absence at the CD7 Republican debate this Friday — his unprecedented fifth-dodged debate — is poised to add to the eyebrow raising list of unanswered questions he’s left with Minnesota voters and the media.

  • What would McFadden replace the Affordable Care Act with and how would he pay for it?
  • When will McFadden share his “detailed [education] platform” with Minnesotans?
  • Why can’t McFadden cite a single specific cut he would make to reduce the long-term debt?

For the last ten months, McFadden has done almost everything in his power to avoid being honest with Minnesotans about the issues: skipping debates and public events, running (literally) away from voters, and blatantly ignoring reporters while answering questions behind closed doors for Washington insiders like Karl Rove and bigwig donors.

“Investment banker Mike McFadden’s unprecedented refusal to provide any specifics on the issues he says are central to his campaign is a testament to how little he cares about voters,” said DFL Chair Ken Martin. “Minnesotans deserve an explanation for why McFadden continues to dodge debates, the issues and in some cases, them.”

Ten months ago, McFadden highlighted health care as an issue he wanted to talk about. He told Minnesotans he was working with a team of “experts on health care policy.” However, aside from saying he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he has refused to provide any more specifics. What would McFadden replace the Affordable Care Act with and how would he pay for it?

But, [McFadden] said [he] didn’t yet know the details of that [health care] solution. “’You’ve got to give me a little bit more time. I do commit to you that it will be substantive,’ he said.” [Star Tribune, 7/17/14]

“When asked repeatedly what a Republican solution to problems with the health care system would look like, McFadden paused for several seconds.” [MPR, 11/8/13]

“McFadden says he would repeal the Affordable Care Act and encourage market competition to bring down the cost of health care.  McFadden says those with preexisting conditions should have affordable health care options. However he does not say who would pay for the coverage.” [MPR, 2/18/14]

“On health care, McFadden’s website now commits him to repeal Obamacare… He wants those with pre-existing conditions to have access to affordable insurance (as many did not not before Obamacare) but he doesn’t say how that will be paid for while he is lowering costs for all.” [MinnPost, 2/19/14]

Ten months ago, McFadden first said education would be a key issue of his campaign and that he was going to build a “detailed platform.” However, he’s refused to provide any specifics on the subject. When will McFadden share his “detailed platform” with Minnesotans?

Since the day he announced, McFadden has emphasized education, without specifying how he would try to improve it…” [MinnPost, 2/19/14

“McFadden took most of his announcement discussing the need to improve education… But he had no specific suggestions about what Congress should do on the subject. [Forum Comm., 6/1/13]

“’I look forward to giving you specifics,’ [McFadden] told reporters, but added that he needs to investigate first.” [Forum Comm., 6/1/13]

Ten months ago, McFadden said his campaign would focus on reducing the country’s “long term debt,” however he has refused to provide a single specific cut he would make.

“But [McFadden] does not say what programs he would trim or eliminate to reduce spending.” [MPR, 2/18/14]

“[McFadden] favors reducing debt and deficit by ‘reining in out-of-control spending’ but doesn’t specify any cuts. Not one penny.” [MinnPost, 2/19/14]