Mike McFadden, Michele Bachmann’s pick for U.S. Senate

McFadden Bachmann ApprovedToday investment banker Mike McFadden continues Day 2 of the GOP’s “Unity” tour across Minnesota.

But let’s not forget how things played out at the Republican convention:

McFadden had the opportunity to win the endorsement outright by himself but even after seven ballots and nearly 12 hours of voting, he could not earn the support of enough delegates to close the deal.

Then in the morning when balloting resumed, Tea Party extremist Michele Bachmann swooped in to save the day, rescuing the McFadden campaign.

Bachmann’s approval was “so powerful” and so critical to McFadden desperate campaign that he rushed out her statement of support in less than 60 seconds.

Read endorsement flyer here.

And with Bachmann’s strong endorsement of the investment banker and his wholehearted embrace of the Tea Party Congresswoman came the delegates he desperately needed to cross the finish line.

McFadden was so grateful he publicly thanked Bachmann yesterday for her support during a radio interview on WCCO.

The highly-coveted Michele Bachmann Seal of Approval might have been helpful putting McFadden over the top in the delegate count, but it won’t be doing him too many favors as he tries to convince Minnesota voters that he’s on their side.