Minnesota DFL Party raises $1.2 million in first quarter

The Minnesota DFL Party has raised $1,251,425 in the first-quarter of 2004. The Party’s debt is $13,530.

“Last session, Governor Mark Dayton and DFL legislators balanced the state budget with honest accounting, made an historic investment in education and provided property tax relief for Minnesota homeowners,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “So far this session, DFL leaders increased the wages of Minnesota’s lowest-paid workers, provided tax relief to the middle-class and businesses and passed the Safe and Supportive Schools Act.

“Donors are responding to the DFL’s work to build a Better Minnesota for all.”

Martin said the Party is in a good position financially and organizationally for the upcoming election.

“DFLers like a state that recognizes all marriages, invests in our youngest learners and knows that people shouldn’t have to work 40 hours a week and live in poverty,” Martin said. “They know that under Republican leadership all of this can change.

“I want to thank all of donors for supporting the Party and giving our leadership their vote of confidence.”