MinnesotaCare Action Alert





From Ken Martin, State DFL Chair:

Dear DFLer,

In January, Gov. Mark Dayton introduced, “An Opportunity Agenda for a Better Minnesota,” a  two-year state budget that sets out solutions to our state’s challenges and commits to a Better Minnesota for all.

With the first deadline of the 2017 Legislative Session set for March 10, Gov. Dayton’s proposals are being debated by the Republican-controlled Legislature. DFLers need to rise up and make their voices heard. Please contact your state representative and state senator and let them know you support Gov. Dayton’s efforts to create opportunity for all

Steep premium increases and high deductibles have placed a big financial burden on too many Minnesotans. Gov. Dayton’s MinnesotaCare Buy-In plan would offer Minnesotans better health care choices and lower prices – at no ongoing cost to taxpayers.

Make your voice heard

Contact your legislators and let them know you support the MinnesotaCare Buy-In plan because:

  • MinnesotaCare works.
  • Enrollees pay their own way – this is not free health care.
  • It provides high quality health care for less.
  • Minnesotans will have better access to care.
  • This is a sustainable option with no ongoing costs to taxpayers; it would be funded entirely by the premiums of those buying the coverage.

Please support the Governor’s work to create opportunities for all by reaching out to your legislators on one or all of these issues. A quick phone call or email to your DFL legislators will show your support to Build a Better Minnesota. Communicating with your Republican legislators sends the message that you want a Minnesota where everyone can succeed.

To find your legislators and their contact information, click here.