NEW REPORT: Congressman Paulsen’s 2014 Agenda Unveiled DCCC Launches Google Ad Campaign to Direct Constituents to

Wondering what Republicans have planned for the country in 2014 – after the least productive Congress in history?

Politico has now revealed the agenda that Congressman Erik Paulsen and his Congressional Republicans are pushing for 2014: a blank piece of paper. In order to help the constituents of Congressman Paulsen see his plan in action, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a Google ad campaign to encourage people in his district to visit

The people of Minnesota looking for solutions on the following issues will find nothing:

  • A plan to create jobs? No.
  • Comprehensive immigration reform? Nope.
  • A balanced approach to the budget that doesn’t take advantage of seniors and the middle class? No, again.
  • An end to employment discrimination or a plan to ensure equal pay? No and no.
  • A farm bill that doesn’t take food out of the mouths of poor children? You guessed it—no!

But don’t take our word for it—see Congressman Paulsen’s agenda in his own words, right here.