One Year Until Voters Can Hold Congressman Paulsen Accountable for Wrong Priorities

One year from today, frustrated voters in Minnesota will have the chance to hold Congressman Erik Paulsen accountable for his wrong priorities – and the constant chaos of his Republican Congress that is threatening the financial stability of the middle class.

From government shutdowns and threats of default to a budget that threatens our seniors and ends the Medicare guarantee, Congressman Paulsen and House Republicans’ record and agenda are disconnected from reality and full of the wrong priorities. While Congressman Paulsen and House Republicans play reckless political games, they are ignoring key priorities like a balanced approach to the budget, bipartisan immigration reform and working together on helping to create jobs for the middle class.

“One year from today, Minnesota voters will have the opportunity to toss Congressman Paulsen – and his wrong priorities – out of office, and replace him with a problem-solving Democrat who will work across the aisle on commonsense solutions and improving our economy,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Time and again, Congressman Paulsen has shown that he will put Big Oil and big corporations ahead of our seniors, and millionaires ahead of the middle class; the government shutdown only underscored Congressman Paulsen’s recklessness and irresponsibility. Congressman Paulsen’s constituents are counting down the days – now 365 – until they can send him packing and replace him with a representative who will focus on creating jobs, growing our economy, and protecting the middle class and seniors.”