Ortman joining forces with extreme Tea Party Express

The Tea Party Express rolls into town for Ortman rally on Thursday

The Tea Party Express – an infamous right-wing group – is barreling into Minnesota to campaign for state Sen. Julianne Ortman – a sure sign that her extreme positions are at odds with the average Minnesotan.

The Tea Party Express – which has endorsed extreme conservatives like Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann – is bringing their “Fighting for Liberty” bus tour to Minnesota on Thursday for a “Rally with Julianne Ortman.”

“Julianne Ortman’s decision to stand with right-wing extremists like the Tea Party Express is a testament to how out of touch she is with Minnesota voters,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “Ortman is far too extreme a conservative and just plain wrong for Minnesota.”

Ortman has consistently proved that she’s willing to put her extreme conservative values ahead of what’s best for Minnesota. Last week, Ortman voted against a measure in the State Senate to help close the gender pay gap and increase workplace protections for women in Minnesota. She’s also doubled down on her attacks on women’s reproductive health, her opposition to the overwhelmingly bipartisan Senate immigration bill and her promise to repeal Obamacare.

The Tea Party Express is the latest standard bearer from the conservative community to embrace Ortman. She’s also been backed by extremists like Sarah Palin, Citizens United Political Victory Fund, TEA Party Nation, the Conservative Campaign Committee, and SHE-PAC.