Paul Krugman Just Said What We’re All Thinking About Trump’s Mental Health

The following article by Natalie Dickinson was posted on the Occupy Democrats website January 24, 2017:

Since taking office, President Trump’s behavior has become increasingly unhinged. Since ascending to the Oval Office, he has thrown a tantrum over the size of the Women’s March following his inauguration because it dwarfed his pitiful turnout and insisted to multiple audiences that his inauguration was massive despite the obvious photographic evidence to the contrary. Aides reporthe grows furiously angry over angry Twitter messages and grows bored with his work, instead preferring to watch television. 

The erratic temper of an old man? Or a sign of something else? New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is fed up with Trump’s rage-and-pony show and told us all how he really feels in one sledgehammer of a tweet:

An American first: a president who was obviously mentally ill the moment he took office. Thanks, Comey 

President Trump met with leaders of Congress from both parties on Monday at the White House.

Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote in Meeting With Lawmakers

President Trump used his first official meeting with congressional leaders to blame his nearly three-million popular vote loss on illegal ballots.

He’s not the only one to suspect that Trump may be plagued by mental issues. Newsweek reported that even the Kremlin believed Trump was “showing himself psychologically unfit to be president” when he insulted the family of slain war hero Humayun Khan. Richard Green of the Huffington Post interviewed a host of mental health professionals, who all agreed the Trump shows classic signs of “Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” which you don’t have to be a psychologist to recognize in our egomaniacal commander in chief. Unfortunately, we must live with the consequences of his mental instability with every day, until we can finally vote him out – or he manages to get himself impeached, which is far more likely than you’d think.

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