Paulsen Vote Tracker: H.J. Res. 69

Providing for congressional disapproval  of the final rule of the Department of the Interior relating to “Non-Subsistence Take of Wildlife on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska

SUMMARY:  This legislation would rescind the Department of Interior rule that protects Alaska’s wildlife by prohibiting egregious killing methods and unsustainable predator control.  Disapproval of the rule would allow killing bears with baited leghold traps and using airplanes to scout and shoot bears, and killing black bear, wolf and coyote families in their dens.

Paulsen voted: YES

TAKEAWAY:  The Vote Tracker is speechless – shooting bears from airplanes?  Killing baby cubs in their dens? Leg hold traps?   Have we come to this? Sad!    

Could we use a leg hold trap to catch Erik and have him give us a Town Hall Meeting to discuss this travesty?