Paulsen Vote Tracker Recap 1

January, 2017 through February 10, 2017

Erik Paulsen votes to support the Trump Agenda 100%


H.J.Res. 38 — Paulsen votes to allow mining companies to destroy our streams.

H.J.Res. 36 — Paulsen votes to allow oil and gas companies to release hydrocarbons into the air on public land.

Gun Safety

H.J.Res. 40 — Paulsen votes to make it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns.

Working Americans

H.J.Res. 37 — Paulsen votes to allow federal contractors to avoid reporting labor law violations.

Consumer Protections

H.J.Res. 41 — Paulsen votes to dismantle protections put in place by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act by allowing oil and gas companies to avoid reporting payments to foreign governments.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

H.R. 7 — Paulsen votes to make it harder for low-income women to obtain insurance for abortion related services.