Rep. Cindy Pugh doesn’t think we need to protect the environment

Early last month, Rep. Cindy Pugh (HD33B, R) became a co-author of HF-551.

Why is that a big deal?

This bill would revoke any and all rulemaking authority by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Pollution Control Agency.  Placing jurisdiction over the environment and natural resources of the state in legislative control, eliminating the people with the expertise and training to understand the science of protecting the environment for us, our children and their children.

Don’t think that’s a good idea? Let her know. You can call her office at 651.296.4315 or send her an email at  Have friends and family who’d be concerned with this type of overreach? Pass the information along.

And, don’t forget doing letters to the editor:

Lakeshore Weekly News
Minnetonka Sun-Sailor
Minnetonka Sun-Current — instructions here (they want snail mail submission)

You can follow the progress of the bill here.