Rep. Paulsen on the ACA Repeal’s Impact

On March 14, Bill Catlin wrote an article posted on the MPR website regarding the Minnesota delegation’s position on the GOP’s health care bill (ACHA).

Minnesota Department of Human Resource on the ACA’s impact in CD3

Now that we know the CBO’s analysis of the bill, which “math guy” Rep. Paulsen voted to move out of the Ways and Means Committee without knowing it’s financial impact on the people he represents.  Here’s what they report Rep. Paulsen said:

Paulsen said in an interview that the bill could help bring premium costs down and encourage more young, healthy people to buy in. And in the short term, under a repeal and replace of Obamacare, people will still have insurance.

“You’re still going to have the exchanges there. You’re still going to have Medicaid expanding, and there are even another 2 million people that are going to choose not to buy health insurance even if they can do so at work,” Paulsen said. “The main thing is about affordable health care coverage as opposed to just insurance coverage.”

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